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37 Important Questions for 2019 India Election

Questions for 2019 India Election
Questions for 2019 India Election

Just ask below questions to yourself, and you will know the right candidate to vote for in 2019 Election.

Questions for 2019 Election

  1. Do you feel secure in the country?
  2. Do foreign tourists feel secure when they come to India?
  3. Did you find reduction in crime rate?
  4. Did Prime Minister Modi sent rapists and murderers to jail?
  5. Did the government mess in the affairs of Judiciary, CBI, RBI, etc..?
  6. Is there a full fledged grievance portal in your state, or union territory? Or is it like Gujarat were none exist as of writing. Earlier one page form used to exist.
  7. Did PM Modi verify whether grievances are being solved or not?
  8. Did corruption came down?
  9. Did the unemployment rate reduce?
  10. Are government efforts sufficient to lift people from poverty line?
  11. Did tax collection increase?
  12. Did number of tax payers increase?
  13. Did government increase income tax exemption limits?
  14. Did government reduce GST rates and or slabs?
  15. Was the tax rate reduced?
  16. Was the government successful in guarding individual rights?
  17. Does government respect your right to privacy?
  18. Did the opposition participate in discussion or did walk outs?
  19. Did you find opposition constructively criticizing the government?
  20. Is the news media allowed to constructively criticize elected government, or their freedom curbed?
  21. Are politicians solving real issues or busy renaming streets and cities?
  22. Did you find considerable improvement in overall services (speed, cleaning, security) of Indian Railways?
  23. Do you believe significant progress was made in infrastructure development across the country?
  24. Do Mumbaikars get potholed free roads?
  25. Did you find reduction in farmer suicides across the country?
  26. Dear farmers are your issues being resolved?
  27. Any significant development made to protect whitsleblowers?
  28. Is there witness protection law in the country?
  29. Did government fill vacant posts of High Court Judges?
  30. Did government strengthen Judiciary?
  31. Did government increase number of Judges considering our population?
  32. Is government successful in curbing fake news?
  33. Is government able to stop incidents of mob lynching?
  34. Did girl child deaths reduce in the country?
  35. Is the chowkidar (watchman) receiving minimum comfortable salary?
  36. Did the Modi Government improve public and private healthcare system in the country?
  37. Did you find any improvement in the education system?

It’s a widely known fact that lot of bribes are distributed before elections. Whether to take bribe or not, make sure you still vote responsibly.

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