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How to Make Afghanistan A New Model Country for the World

seeing Afghanistan as a new model country
Afghanistan – a new model country for the World

Are you worried about what’s happening in Afghanistan?

If you are looking for answers to above questions then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat your back.

You did an excellent job. Keep it up!

You are a wonderful human being.

Now lets get back to our article on re-creating Afghanistan.

All the news reports that are coming related to the turn of events that started unfolding after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is disturbing.

And the world can’t be a mute spectator to what’s happening there as Taliban has sized almost complete control of Afghanistan.

The world leaders as they call themselves should intervene and do whatever is required to restore normalcy as soon as possible.

It is often said that there is an opportunity in adversity and I believe that is true and that time is now.

The opportunity is for the World to help create an ideal country by reconstructing Afghanistan.

How to Make Afghanistan a New Model Country

These are some of my ideas that I wish also get implemented in India.

These same ideas form the basis of creating a new model country for the World.

  • People of different castes or tribes form part of the Government including but not limited to Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimaq, Turkmen, Baloch, etc…
  • 50% of new Government consists of Women.
  • There are people who have more than what they need and there are also the ones who don’t have even what they need for their immediate survival.
  • We certainly need to think about the people who don’t have anything or have least resources that their disposal and how we can give them an healthy and encouraging environment to grow and prosper in life based on merit and equality.
  • Reservation is an alternate method implemented in India which has done no good to the people of India.
  • So the solution is providing some discounts and freebies to people based on their income tax slabs. This system is based on equality and avoids any kind of injustice or discrimination based on caste, tribe, gender, color, etc…
  • For this system to be successful everybody in the country has to file Income Tax return whether they are earning or not. Government pays fees to Chartered Accountants for filing returns of those living at the bottom of pyramid.
  • Amount and number of freebies or discounts is maximum at the bottom of pyramid, reduces as you rise and least at the top. This way you are encouraging them at the same time giving a level playing field.
  • Provide one time food to the homeless and unemployed. Rest to be donated by the privileged people living there.
  • Provide for some number of free travel trips to people living at the bottom of pyramid for air, rail and bus per month/year.
  • No child marriage.
  • Everybody allowed to Right to Education.
  • Women allowed to work.
  • Women should be allowed to wear clothes of their choice but with responsibility.

As soon as I get more ideas will mention here.

You the reader is equally valuable in rescuing and rebuilding Afghanistan and creation of a new model country.

All you have to do is share my article so that it reaches the right people who can save and help rebuild Afghanistan.

Reasons you should share my article

  • You love your family and want a better world for them.
  • You respect and care for Women.
  • You are a Women and are concerned about Women in Afghanistan.
  • You want equality.
  • You object against injustice and discrimination.
  • You respect individual rights.
  • You believe that all lives matter including black ones.
  • You believe that responsible world leaders should intervene and bring normalcy.
  • You believe in my idea of creating a new model country.

If you have any ideas that you want me to consider adding in creating a new model world, then comment on this article on Twitter.

Firmly believe that like me you too want everything to get back to normal in Afghanistan.

In the years to come Afghanistan will be a source of inspiration to one and all.

Once again I would like to thank you for coming here.

And reiterate that you are a wonderful human being.

Humanly Yours,

Kunal Desai

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