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34 Best Recommended Android Apps in 2022

Recommended Android Apps
Recommended Android Apps

Yours truly uses some of the Android Apps listed here.

Best Global Android Apps

  1. Airdroid – Manage your phone from desktop.
  2. Authenticator – 2 Factor authentication.
  3. Better Open With – Choose default handler for various file types.
  4. Blokada – filter requests, change dns, block ads, trackers, malware and VPN.
  5. BunkerFit – single app for health and wellness for free.
  6. Full Fledged Web Browsers
  7. Lite Web Browsers
  8. Checky – Tells the number of times you check your phone.
  9. Exodus Privacy – Tells you about trackers and permissions embedded in installed apps.
  10. Freerice – Have fun while learning and help end hunger, an initiative by United Nations World Food Programme.
  11. Fing – Get notifications for new devices or intruders connecting to your Wi-Fi.
  12. Google Lens – Identify anything using your phone images like plants, animals, location, similar dresses, etc.. Also scan barcode.
  13. Instant – Helps track time spend on phone, app, fitness, locations, sleep and travel time.
  14. Loop Habit Tracker – stats, reminders and beautiful tracking.
  15. MacroDroid – Automate daily repetitive tasks and save time.
  16. Money Lover – Personal expense tracker.
  17. Norton Snap – QR and barcode scanner.
  18. Portal – Transfer files from computer to mobile using WiFi by scanning QR code.
  19. Reminder – Setup daily, weekly, monthly, repetitive reminders with alarm.
  20. ShareTheMeal – Initiative by Unites Nations to end hunger.
  21. Send Anywhere – Transfer files from mobile to computer.
  22. WorldCard Mobile – Scan and store business cards.

Best Indian Android Apps

  1. Homiee – Rental property management app for landlords.
  2. Nestaway – Find owner listed furnished house on rent.
  3. – Do online transactions by talking to your personal assistant.
  4. No Broker – Rent, buy, or sell flat, apartment, or house directly.
  5. ridlr – Book metro and bus tickets for major cities.

Android Apps by Gov of India

  1. 112 India – Emergency Response Support System in case of fire, women safety, medical emergency, need police, terrorist attack, earthquake, etc..
  2. BHIM – Money transfer using UPI.
  3. eCourts – Find details of litigation from District Courts, and High Courts.
  4. IRCTC Rail Connect – Book train tickets in India.
  5. mAadhaar – Carry aadhaar with you.
  6. mParivahaan – Find and verify vehicle registration information.
  7. MyGrievance – File complaint with Central or State Governments.

You can also install PWA instead of heavy apps form app store and save lot of expensive data.

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