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10 Fantastic Benzinga Pro Features for Real-time Stock Market News and Research

Benzinga Pro provides Real-time Stock Market News and Research
Benzinga Pro
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What is Benzinga Pro?

What does Benzinga Pro do?

Is Benzinga credible and or trustworthy?

How much does Benzinga Pro cost?

Is Benzinga Pro worth the money?

If you want to know answers for the above questions then you have come to the right place.

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Now let’s move on to the article.

This article is nothing but a Benzinga Pro Review which highlights top features and how they can be useful to you.

What is Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is a real-time financial news and research platform developed specially for traders as well as investors.

Benzinga Pro is a credible news service established in the year 2010 by Jason Raznik.

Benzinga has its own editorial team and provides data to stock brokerage firms and media companies.

Benzinga Pro provides original news along with feeds from other leading companies to provide complete coverage to users.

Things I Like Most About Benzinga Pro

  • Clean and easy to use platform with modern user interface.
  • Get what you are looking for in few clicks.
  • Easy to track and monitor stocks.
  • Workspace helps to organize everything.
  • Original content.
  • Get news 15-30 minutes before they are generally available on free news portals. That certainly provides you an edge in the market.
  • Chat directly with news analysts.
  • Listen to real-time market updates and key headlines with Audio Squawk.
  • Search news using keywords.
  • Sentiment indicator tell you the potential impact the news can have on the stock.
  • Filters help to drill down stories from particular sources.
  • Get daily news digest via email of stocks that you own.

Things I Like Least About Benzinga Pro

  • Best suited for North American traders and investors.
  • Direct integration with stock brokerage firms would have made stock trading easy.

Top Benzinga Pro Features

  1. Real-time Alerts
  2. Corporate Calendar
  3. Chat
  4. Movers
  5. Newsfeed
  6. Scanner
  7. Stock Screener
  8. Signals
  9. Audio Squawk
  10. Watchlist

1. Real-time Alerts

Get real-time sound, email or browser notification for stocks on your watchlists
Real-time Alerts

Get access to latest business reports, financial news and analysts ratings instantly with Benzinga Pro’s Real-time Alerts.

You can choose to receive alerts which play sound in the background or via popup notification in the browser or via email notifications.

You can get sound alerts as soon as a news item related to your watchlist hits your newsfeed.

You can choose to receive real-time email alerts for symbols in your watchlist from Benzinga Wire, press releases and SEC filings.

You can also choose to receive a daily digest which tells you all about day’s happenings in one email.

2. Corporate Calendar

Tells you about forthcoming corporate announcements and analysts ratings.
Corporate Calendar

Find all events in a single location with Benzinga Pro’s Calendar.

You get access to 14 different types of Calendar views which include:

  1. Analysts Ratings
  2. Conference Calls
  3. Dividend Announcement
  4. Earnings Announcement
  5. Economics
  6. FDA
  7. Guidance
  8. IPOs
  9. Mergers and Acquisitions
  10. Retail Sales
  11. SEC Filings
  12. Secondary Offerings
  13. Splits
  14. Unusual Options Activity

Each Calendar view has its own set of filters.

3. Chat

Connect with other Benzinga Pro members with the help of Chat Lounge
Chat Lounge

Here you can have Chat with the Benzinga Pro community.

You can ask questions, answer others questions, give or find stock ideas, share news, etc…

There are many chatroom channels that you can join like

  • Benzinga Pro Lounge
  • Benzinga TV
  • Benzinga Bootcamp
  • Benzinga Crypto
  • Benzinga Day Trading
  • Benzinga Options
  • Benzinga Pro Community Support
  • Benzinga Pro Inner Circle is only for Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship subscribers led by Nic Chahine

4. Movers

know about the top gainers and losers in the stock market
Top Gainers and Losers in Stock Market

In this workspace you get to know all about biggest gainers and losers that too in real-time.

Wonderful filters are available at your disposal to see what you want.

Seven different customizable filters are available like

  1. Movers – choose whether you want to see both gainers & losers or only gainers or only losers.
  2. Session – choose whether you want to see top losers and gainers for pre-market, live market or after hours.
  3. Period – choose the time period for which you want to see top gainer and losers like for 5mins, 30mins, 1hr, 1week, 1 month, 3months, 6months, 1 year or custom period.
  4. Sectors – choose whether you want to see top gainers and losers across all sector or just one specific one.
  5. Market Cap – see top gainers and losers based on their market capitalization.
  6. Price – see top gainers and losers based on stock price criteria.
  7. Refresh – choose whether you want the data to auto refresh or freeze.

5. Newsfeed

Get to know all news that is driving the stock market today with the help of Benzinga Pro Advanced Newsfeed
Advanced Newsfeed

Know all the news that is driving stock market today.

An important thing that traders in stock market want to is why a stock is moving.

To answer this question, Benzinga Pro has created and patented a price sentiment engine which tells you why a stock is moving and in what direction.

This price sentiment engine are called WIIMs which provide one sentence description about why a stock is moving.

You can filter news according to your investing strategy with the help of custom filters.

Several custom filters are available to choose from like news sources, categories, screener, watchlists, price, market cap and trading volume.

Available choices for news sources are Benzinga Signals, Benzinga Wire, Benzinga France, Benzinga Italy, Jiji Press, Partner links, press releases and SEC filings.

6. Scanner

Benzinga Pro Scanner helps you narrow down on stock searches based on price changes

Scanner is helps to narrow stocks searches based on price changes.

Scanner allows you to choose various refresh rates including 10 secs, 30 secs, one minute, real-time or choose not to refresh at all.

You can choose to sort stocks based on % change from previous close, % change from open, % change from close, % change in time or by volume.

You can choose whether you want to list only gainers or only losers or both.

Columns help you choose data that is displayed like name, symbol, price, % changed, volume, market cap, etc…

Filters allow you to choose type (stocks or ETF), exchange, sectors, price, market cap, volume, close, etc..

Readymade presets are also available to help you scan stocks like overall gainers, 5 minute movers, mid-cap movers from open, real-time after hours gainers and large cap gainers.

7. Screener

Benzinga Pro Screener helps you search and filter stocks based on fundamental and technical analysis or both

Screener helps you to search and filter stocks based on fundamental or technical analysis or using both.

You can exports your screener list to CSV file.

8. Signals

Get real time alerts for price and volume related events with Benzinga Pro Signals

Signals is a tool that alerts you in real-time for any price or volume related events.

Signal can alert you for the following:

  1. Price Spikes – stocks having sharp price movements in under 5 minutes.
  2. Block Trades – trades of minimum 10,000 shares or valued at more than USD 200,000.
  3. Halt / Resume – when stock trading resumes or halts.
  4. Opening Gap – when a stock opens with huge gap from previous closing price.
  5. Highs / Lows – when stocks touch 52 week high or lows.
  6. Options Activity – large blocks or options sweeps at or near the bid/ask rate. Pay extra for this signal.

9. Squawk

Squawk is a live audio news broadcast which provides key headlines and market moving news.

Important headlines that Squawk covers are:

  • Conference calls
  • Critical breaking news
  • Economic data releases
  • Market rumors and chatter
  • Earnings and guidance
  • Press conferences
  • Company management
  • Key comments from interviews
  • Wall Street analysis

10. Watchlists

monitor stocks with the help of Benzinga Pro Watchlists

Watchlists help you monitor your stocks and tell you how they are performing.

You can import export a Watchlist.

You can also setup alerts to receive notifications.

A Watchlist displays name, symbol, current market price, % change, daily high low, volume and market cap.

You can also add notes to your stocks.

If you want more info about the stock just hover over their symbol.

How much does Benzinga Pro Cost

Benzinga Pro provides you three plans.

1. Basic plan costs US $99/month and provides you delayed Nasdaq quotes, watchlists alerts, top movers and gainers, newsfeed and calendar.

2. Essential plan costs US $177/month and provides all the features from Basic plan plus real-time Nasdaq quotes, audio Squawk, news desk chat, sentiment indicators and signals.

3. Options Mentorship plans costs US $347/month and provides you all the features from the Essential plan plus trading coaching from Nic Chahine, options inner circle chat room led by Nic Chahine and market overview.

By reading my article, I sure sure you would have understood how Benzinga Pro can help you earn more money from stock market.

A word of caution: investment and trading in stock market is risky.

So follow principles of sound investment to safeguard against losing money.

Once again I would like to say that you are a wonderful human being.

And a billion thanks for dropping by.

Wishing you great success in investing.

Be rich, become rich, stay rich and don’t forget to pay your taxes.

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