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The Secret behind Building Strong Client Relationships

Know the Secret to Maintaining Strong Client Relationship
Know the Secret to Maintaining Strong Client Relationship
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Are you losing clients because you can’t prove your value to them?

Do you want to make client management easy?

Are you looking for an automated client reporting solution?

Are you looking for a solution to manage lot of clients easily and worry free?

Do you want to impress your clients?

Do you want to retain old customers?

Do you want to acquire new customers with ease?

Do you want your clients to stay with you life long?

Do you want to know the secret to building strong client relationships?

How does a branded client report look like?

What is a Client Report?

Are you looking for an example of an client report?

What to include in a client report?

If you are looking for solution to above questions then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat your back.

You did an excellent job. Keep it up!

Now, lets get back to our article.

Solution to your problems is Client Reports.

Client Reporting is one such thing which will not only help you retain old customers but also acquire new ones.

What is Client Reporting?

Client Reporting is all about communication.

It is a two way communication between you (agencies, freelancers) and your clients.

You can use Client Reports to build strong foundation for ever lasting relationship with clients.

Client Reports serve as a proof of what work you have done for them and how valuable that work is.

5 Reasons Why Client Reports are Extremely Important

1. Client Relations

Client Reports help you maintain ongoing relationship with your clients i.e. to retain them for long term.

Client Reports bring transparency of what work you do for your clients.

And transparency bring trust which makes your relationship stronger.

Stronger relationship means clients stay with you for long time.

Transparency, trust and good communication is important to make clients stick with you.

2. Completed Work

Client Reports serve as a written record of what work you are currently doing and what work has already been completed.

Client Reports includes all the work you have done for your clients.

This way Client Reports serve as a tool which helps client know the progress of the project.

3. Time Saving

Client Reports save precious hours for you as well as your clients.

Time saved means money saved.

Precious time could be saved by automating repetitive tasks which are done at regular intervals.

Time that you (agency, freelancer) save can be employed to earn more.

And the clients will be happy as lot of their time is freed up which they can use to focus on their business.

A freelancer could save approximately 25% of their time per week i.e. 10 hours if he/she works 40 hours per week just by automating Client Reporting process.

4. Comparing Metrics

For continued success it is important to track the progress of the work done.

This helps to know what’s working and what’s not and what changes are required to made for the success of the project.

Past data helps you and client track progress over time.

You can display various metrics to drive the point.

You can make use of charts and graphs for the purpose.

5. KPI Alignment

No two clients will have same needs even if they belong to the same industry.

So it is important to align yourself with the client goals and be on the same page.

This can be achieved with KPIs.

KPI stands for key performance indicators.

KPIs help both you and clients know the performance goals to be measured.

KPIs are useful to compare progress made with the goals that are to be achieved.

Hope you understood why Client Reports are so important for your agencies and freelancers.

You can also do Client Reporting manually but that is very time consuming.

Manual reporting will involve making lot of phone calls to your clients, seeking time for appointments, and emails.

Just imagine how nightmarish it is.

Whereas Client Reports contain all the necessary information which the client can see/read at their own time.

If you currently don’t have any reporting process or you are currently following manual reporting and are looking to go for automatic reporting.

Then look no further then Growth Suite’s Client Reporting feature.

Growth Suite automatically creates beautiful branded Client Reports that are send to your clients at your chosen intervals.

Growth Suite acts like a virtual assistant and makes client management easy for you.

With Growth Suite’s, Client Reporting feature you can make more frequent and meaningful touch points with your clients.

That too without losing your billable hours.

Example of Branded Client Report

Client Reports is a wonderful feature of Growth Suite.

With Growth Suite, you no longer have to send manual reports and waste your precious time.

Create and schedule reports so your client receive them at regular intervals set by you.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and know the secret behind building strong client relationship.

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