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List of Signs, Traits, and Characteristics of Close, Narrow Minded People

Characteristics of Close Minded People
Characteristics of Close Minded People

Signs, Traits of Close Narrow Minded People

  • Shortsighted.
  • Do 100 things at a time
  • Do lot of showoff.
  • Focus on pulling others down.
  • Follow lot of Bad Habits which create Bad Karma.
  • Difficult to trust others.
  • Resist any kind of change.
  • Live in past, and future.
  • Generalize everything.
  • Believe everybody is a liar.
  • Believe everybody is a thief.
  • Believe one size fits all.
  • Exploit others by under paying for the work.
  • Use one tool for everything.

  • Blame everyone for everything.
  • Put numbers on everything.
  • Easily become angry.
  • Cannot accept criticism.
  • Know everything types.
  • Big control freaks.
  • For them freedom means do anything.
  • Hate others.
  • Volatile by nature.
  • Take short cut routes.
  • Force others to do something.
  • Big commentators.
  • Never admit their mistakes.
  • Always judging others.
  • Keep counting what others have.
  • Don’t let others speak.
  • Always after formulas and definitions.
  • Stressed individuals.
  • Buy things just because others have.
  • Always after impressing others.
  • Only give importance to visible things.
  • Look at the dark side.
  • Hopeless.
  • Unaccountable.
  • Not So Responsible Behaviors.
  • Taking everything personally.

People always remember Open Minded individuals.

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