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consultant Kunal Desai
Consultant Kunal Desai

What You Get

  • Truly unbiased advice.
  • Guarantee for work done.
  • Quality work [comes for a price].
  • Stability.
  • Fees for similar work are same for 10 year old as well as 80 year old.

Payment Terms

  • 50% advance required to start the work, balance upon completion.
  • Fees returned only if work not done.
  • Payment to be made within 7 days upon completion of work.
  • All payment in Indian currency to be credited to bank account.
  • International payments to be credited in Indian currency.

Fee Structure

  • Standard price for all, including foreigners.
  • Fees vary depending on the nature of work.
  • Fees range from Rs.7,000/hour upto Rs.40,000/hour.
  • Minimum billing of Rs.20,000 or minimum billable hours is 3.

Working Days

  • All except Sundays, National & State holidays.

Working Time

  • 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Working Location

  • Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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