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Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 by Unbounce

Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 by Unbounce
Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 by Unbounce
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Let’s first learn about Unbounce.

What is Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page builder and conversion platform that helps you create beautiful pages to get more leads and convert better.

Unbounce also lets you create popups, sticky bars and AMP pages.

Unbounce is a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, BC with another office in Berlin, Germany.

Unbounce was founded in 2009 by Rick Perreault.

More than 15,000 brands worldwide use Unbounce to create beautiful landing pages, popups and sticky bars.

Unbounce has a wonderful feature called Smart Traffic.

Smart Traffic by Unbounce for Better Conversions

Smart Traffic uses AI powered optimizations to automatically look at your visitors attributes and sends them to the variant of landing page that is most relevant for increased conversions.

Landing pages which use Smart Traffic have seen an average conversion rates increase by 30%.

Another great feature by Unbounce is Conversion Intelligence.

Conversion Intelligence by Unbounce

Conversion Intelligence is nothing but pairing your marketing expertise with AI powered insights to create highest converting campaigns.

After meeting with great success in 2020, Unbounce has again come up with a new Conversion Benchmark Report for the year 2021.

Let’s now learn about Benchmarks.

What are Benchmarks?

A Benchmark is a standard against which quality of other similar things can be judged or measured.

Benchmarks tell us how others have performed compared to the standard conversion rates.

Have they performed better than the Benchmark or worst than the Benchmark?

Benchmarks can then be used to improve performance by making necessary changes.

Example of Benchmarks

In investment world, returns of an index is measured against performance of other mutual funds or fixed deposits or stocks to tell us how we are performing against the Benchmark.

Benchmark tells us whether we are outperforming or underperforming the broader market.

In 2020, Dow Jones increased 7%. You can use this as a Benchmark to know whether you outperformed the broader market or unperformed.

Similarly, Sensex decreased 23% in 2020. Compare this to your investments in stocks to know your performance.

Why Rely on Benchmarks

  1. Competitive Intelligence – helps you identify gaps in your performance and what the industry considers to be a good conversion rate.
  2. Insights – are generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence to not only tell your how you are performing but also tell you why you are performing the way you are performing and what can changes you can be make for better conversion.
  3. Best Practicestells you what works and what does not for a particular industry which means you save precious time and money testing unproven optimizations.

Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 by Unbounce

Marketers want better conversions from their campaigns but are unsure of how to do that and where to get tips from.

That’s were Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 comes into place.

Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 will provide you with easy to understand, data backed insights to optimize your landing pages and discover new opportunities for growth.

Forget about the myths that optimizing landing pages is difficult, time consuming or expensive.

Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 was created using Artificial Intelligence by analyzing more than 264 million visits across 16 industries with over 33 million conversions and 44 thousand landing pages built using Unbounce.

This huge data was mined to get you actionable insights for better conversions.

What Industries are Supported by Conversion Benchmark Report 2021

  1. Software as a Service
  2. eCommerce
  3. Agencies
  4. Real Estate
  5. Family Support
  6. Business Services
  7. Medical Services
  8. Home Improvement
  9. Travel
  10. Events and Leisure
  11. Legal
  12. Fitness and Nutrition
  13. Education
  14. Finance and Insurance
  15. Media and Entertainment
  16. Catering and Restaurants

Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 Solves Two Major Issues Faced by Marketers

  1. This report will help marketers like you to match the Right Landing Page for the Right Audience at the Right Time Every Time with meaningful insights driven by AI.
  2. Marketers will no longer have to complaint about not having enough time to do A/B Testing as you are provided with proven insights to improve conversion rates.

What will You Learn from Conversion Benchmark Report 2021

Five things that you will learn from Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 are

  1. How does your conversions stack up against the industry?

    The median conversion rates across industries have increased but there is a huge gap between the top performer and the bottom performer. So there is a huge opportunity for improvement.

  2. What is the Best Way to Connect with Your Target Audience?

    Learn whether the sentiment (emotions) of your landing pages are winning you customers or turning them away in huge numbers.

  3. What Channels Deliver the Highest Converting Visitors in Your Industry?

    Save time and money by spending your ad budget on the right traffic channels so that they send you the most converting visitors to your landing pages. Know what works for your industry and just do that. Know whether you should run paid search ads or spend on social networks or build email campaigns.

  4. What is the Best Way to Communicate with Your Target Audience?

    Know the optimal word count and reading level that best suits your industry to get more conversions.

  5. COVID Insights

    These insights are provided to satisfy marketers curiosity to know what was happening before Coronavirus strike and what happened afterwards.

Major Year-over-Year Themes in the Report

Despite the turbulence, the median conversion rate across all industries increased from 3.28% in 2019 to 4.55% in 2020.

The median conversion rate is not uniform across industries rather some saw better conversion (catering and restaurants, media and entertainment, and finance and insurance) then others.

Landing pages got longer in the year 2020 compared to year 2019.

Optimal reading level of landing pages also improved significantly.

Few examples for individual industries.


  • Visitors coming from emails convert better on forms.
  • Landing pages for SaaS apps convert better if they are short and easy to read.
  • Emotional sentiment does not help convert more for SaaS.


  • Negative sentiments hurt conversion rates.
  • SaaS marketers get conversions from social and email visitors rather than paid search ads.


  • Visitors coming through ads on social networks like Facebook and Instagram convert better than paid search.
  • Negative sentiments means lower conversion rate.

Firmly believe that you have got nice idea of what Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 is, how it can help you get more conversion in less time and also save you some money.

Also believe that your company will have great success by implementing these learnings in your landing pages created with Unbounce.

Image Source: 2nd and 3rd from Unbounce website

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