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23 Good and 10 Not So Good Things That Happened Due of Coronavirus

Good and Not So Good Things That Happened Due of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Good and Not So Good Things That Happened Due of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Not So Good Things That Happened Due to Coronavirus

  1. Put the global economy on ventilator i.e. recession.
  2. Caused 25,78,785 deaths worldwide as of 6th March, 2021.
  3. Caused enormous suffering and pain to people living below poverty line.
  4. Increased unemployment.
  5. Shrunk global GDP.
  6. Street dogs, cows, buffalo’s, and cats got deprived of food.
  7. Increased spread of fake news.
  8. Some people face mental issues staying at home.
  9. Too much mobile and computer usage causes health issues.
  10. Online education not so good for children.

Good Things That Happened Due to Coronavirus

  1. Coronavirus acted without bias and put Persons of Authority (President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice) under house arrest.
  2. Reduced pollution and global warming.
  3. Gave people break from day-to-day life.
  4. Gave us a wonderful time to reset our lives.
  5. Gave us sufficient time to re-think on where and how we are moving in life.
  6. Made people give importance to health, hygiene and cleanliness.
  7. From people to countries, everything became clean and green.
  8. Gave importance of regular hand washing.
  9. Encouraged digital economy.
  10. Made Work from Home culture popular.
  11. Fulfilled long time wish of Wives and Children that Husbands and Fathers not spending quality time with them.
  12. Reduced India’s import bill significantly due to less consumption of oil and gas.
  13. Reduced crime rate specially rapes, mob lynching, and acid attacks.
  14. Increased use of robots in healthcare.
  15. Increased spending on healthcare by nations.
  16. People doing “Namaste” (Indian way of greeting) instead of regular “Handshakes” as our hands carry lot of germs.
  17. Created lot of innovations from individuals to companies.
  18. Got Physical Distancing into our lives.
  19. Cycle became one of the prefer modes of transport which is healthy for us as well as the planet.
  20. Digital Payment Systems like UPI became more popular.
  21. Made India cashless economy.
  22. Taught people to value Freedom.
  23. Made people realize that Freedom comes with Responsibility and accountability.

Be safe, stay at home, and work from home.

Prevention is better then cure in fight against Coronavirus.

Repeat “I am healthy” and “My immunity is strong” many times a day, everyday.

It’s your weapon to fight against Coronavirus.

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