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Only Degree That Actually Matters in Life

 The most valuable Degree of Your Life
The most valuable Degree of Your Life

Today, I am going to reveal you a secret.

I want to assure you, that the Degree of Life will be much better than the Judgment of Certificate, which you receive everyday by the not so broad minded people in our beautiful world.

The thing is that these people lack experience.

And as we know, experience comes from doing and not doing things in life.

So they try their luck at judging and guesswork others.

And you know the quality of these guesswork. How good they are?

Let’s get back to what is the degree of life, and when you are going to receive it.

What makes Our Degree of Life?

It all starts the day when a talented genius like you is born.

The child inside you starts mimicking others. You don’t know what you are doing as a toddler.

And when your brain starts developing, the teenager inside You moves on to some kind of ever changing thought process.

This thought process stays with you until your death.

This affects your actions and inaction’s, which you perform 24 hours a day, 365 days every year, throughout the life.

Which then creates Habits (Good Habits, Not So Good Habits), and Karma (Good Karma, Not So Good Karma).

All through this wonderful Journey called life, you also have the choice and freedom to learn from your own mistakes as well of others which we all lovingly call them life lessons.

What does the Degree of Life Reveal?

It tells you very accurately and precisely, whether you passed the exam of life with flying colors or not?

To know this, you will have to perform a simple test.

Cheer up, this test will not cost you any money or time.

You might be wondering, When to perform this test valuable test?

Well, all of us perform it on the death bed.

It will tell how well you accomplished responsibilities in life.

Two things can happen on that day. Either you are crying or laughing.

If there are tears in your eyes (crying), means you have caused lot of harm to others, and have not fulfilled your Responsibilities properly.

If you are laughing, then you are successful, and have passed the exam of life with flying colors.

And you are ready to go away from this world with a lovely smile on your Face Book.

Hope, you will take care in all your future dealings of Life.

I am going to have a smile on my face the day I die.

And I am sure you too will.

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