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Top 14 Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Overcome in 2022

Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Overcome
Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Overcome

What Can Facebook Addiction Cause

  • Social isolation.
  • Buildup of some kind of resentment and or hate.
  • Becoming stressful.
  • Affecting physical and psychological well being.
  • Breakup with your wife.

Above dangers can lead to more serious issues going forward.

Signs of Facebook Addiction

  1. If you share too much personal information.
  2. If you open Facebook as soon as you wake up, or last thing before sleep.
  3. If you create reasons to check Facebook every now and then.
  4. If you are checking Facebook whenever you are free.
  5. If you don’t feel good if you don’t open it someday.
  6. If you are checking notifications while you are doing some work.
  7. If you are updating your status too often and telling the world about every activity you perform.
  8. If you get less sleep because you are busy surfing Facebook.
  9. If you send Good Morning greetings on Facebook but don’t greet people when you meet them face-to-face.
  10. If you are not able to concentrate on anything.
  11. If you are spending too many hours surfing Facebook each day of your precious life.
  12. If you are an attention seeker i.e keep reminding others that you exist, then you are an addict.
  13. Feeling jealously of others joys.
  14. Envying others of their possessions.

Sum or all of the above also point to not so responsible behaviors.

Above symptoms are also applicable to other social networking sites and messaging apps also.

Ways to Overcome Facebook Addiction

  • Avoid sharing your personal information beyond a point.
  • Consider Facebook as a passive activity. Use only when you are free and or only on a particular day that too with strict time limits. Set reminders to help you.
  • Divide your time between many different areas.
  • Muting notifications will also help.
  • Limit the number of updates you receive.
  • Make it difficult to reach Facebook app. Remove Facebook from your home screen and also set a lock.
  • Make sure that you do one thing at a time and do it properly.
  • Keep your mobile phone far away when you are eating food, studying, or working. So you can concentrate on the task. The end result will be of par excellence.
  • Going out and meeting real people, reading a book are better options to spend time.
  • Using Facebook is fine as long as you fulfill all your responsibilities. That will make sure your time is devoted to important things and what matters.
  • If you focus on building relationships rather than making endless friends, you will stay within limits.
  • Share your thoughts with the world but stay within limits.

Are you addicted to Facebook?

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