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How to Scale Your Agency Business and Increase MRR in 2022

Growth Suite by Flywheel for agencies and freelancers
Growth Suite by Flywheel
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If you are a freelancer or an agency you might have surely faced some of the issues mentioned below.

  • Not having enough time to serve existing clients.
  • If you don’t have time to serve existing clients, how the hell are you going to have time to look for new clients.
  • Not having quality Managed WordPress hosting.
  • Maintaining all data in spreadsheets is intense time consuming and manual task.
  • Signup with different apps and services separately.
  • Not having clear picture of where your business is currently and where your business is going.
  • Not having enough time for family.
  • Not having enough time to do what you enjoy, maybe hobbies or activities.
  • Not getting paid for the work and on time.
  • Not having clear picture of your cashflows.
  • Having inconsistent workflows.
  • Not being organized.

If you have any point in time in your business life faced some or all of the above mentioned issues then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat your back.

You did an excellent job. Keep it up!

You are a wonderful human being.

Now lets get back to our article.

What if you get all the above features plus more all at one place?

That’s were Growth Suite by Flywheel comes into picture.

What is Growth Suite

Growth Suite provides you client and site management, branded reports, subscription based billing, reselling Managed WordPress hosting, and more all bundled together into a single user friendly dashboard.

Growth Suite was earlier known as White Label.

Benefits of Growth Suite

  • Get all services under one roof.
  • Bill clients for recurring as well as one-off services.
  • Bill clients in their currency.
  • Make valuable decisions with meaningful data at your fingertips.
  • Easily manage all your clients and sites from one place.
  • Delight your clients with your branded reports.
  • Earn by reselling Managed WordPress Hosting by Flywheel with speed, security and support.
  • Automation to help you save lot of time and enjoy doing what you love.
  • Get birds eye view of your business in the dashboard.

Features of Growth Suite

1. Growth Dashboard

see holistic view of your business with Growth Suite Dashboard
Growth Suite Dashboard

Here you can have a holistic look at your business, cashflow insights, trends and discover new opportunities to grow your business.

Growth Dashboards shows you the number of sites and clients you manage, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) you are earning, trend for last 1 year, total revenue you have earned till date and upcoming, received, pending, unpaid details of payments.

Growth Dashboard also provides you with quick links to add new clients, create new sites and invoices.

2. Client Reports

Create Branded Report with Growth Suite
Create Branded Reports with Growth Suite

Look professional and prove your value to your clients with Branded Client Reports.

Branded Reports are send automatically to your clients every month.

You can design your Branded Reports from the dashboard.

Branded Reports tell your clients what is happening on their site.

You can see reports send to your clients from the dashboard under clients section.

You can choose the contents and sending frequency of your Branded Reports.

Branded Reports can include things like

  1. Updates – when were your plugins, themes and WordPress was updated.
  2. Backups – when were your backups created.
  3. Security – includes details about your SSL certificate and WAF.
  4. Site Optimization – includes details about Caching and CDN.
  5. Analytics – includes details about new and returning visitors, sessions, average time on site, bounce rate, traffic sources and devices.

3. Subscription and Billing

With Growth Suite you can bill clients for different services and in multiple currencies.
Growth Suite Invoice

Getting paid on time is very important to you as well as me.

You can bill clients for recurring as well as one-off services with or without a site being attached.

You can bill clients for all the services you provide like basic hosting service, consultancy fees, design service, optimization services, etc…

You can bill clients in multiple currencies as Growth Suite has integration with Stripe.

You can provide discounts to your clients, charge tax and even add notes.

You can decide how much discounts to provide and for how long.

You can schedule invoices with automated payments and due dates.

You can create back dated invoices if a client has missed the due date.

You also get the flexibility to update and cancel invoices at any time.

4. Client Management

Growth Suite Client Management
Growth Suite Client Management

You can easily manage all your clients from the Clients tab.

Here you get to see all you clients along with total monthly recurring revenue.

It’s easy to add new clients.

To add a new client all you have to do is just add their company name and info.

Hurray, your new client is added.

Once a client is added you can add subscription and bill them for your wonderful services.

5. Client Portal

See How Growth Suite Client Portal Looks Like
Sample Growth Suite Client Portal

Client Portal is a place where your clients can view their invoice, pay bills, access WP Admin and contact you for support.

Client Portal is completely under your brand.

6. Bulk Site Management

Growth Suite Bulk Site Management
Growth Suite Bulk Site Management

Bulk Site Management provides you with a bird’s eye view of all your sites under your management.

On the main page, you can either search for a site or make use of various filters.

You can see three options tab for your Growth Suite Sites i.e. stats, plugins and site options.

Stats tab will tell you about number of visits, bandwidth consumed and storage used for each site under your management. These stats are updated every 24 hours. You can also sort sites based on these metrics. You can see these metrics for a day, a week, a month or two by selecting from the dropdown menu.

Plugins again has two views i.e. plugins and sites.

1. Plugins view displays various plugins installed across all your sites. These list is sortable. It also tells you how many sites a particular plugin is installed on, on how many sites they are active and whether they are updated or not. When you click on a particular plugin you will get see the sites it is installed on, whether it is active or not and whether the plugin is updated or not.

2. Sites view displays all the sites under your management with name of the site, number of plugins installed, number of plugins that are active and number of plugins that are yet to be updated.

Site Options tab will list all sites under your management, whether development mode is enable or not, staging is enabled or not, which WordPress version is installed, which PHP version installed and whether SSL is enabled or not.

Why Use Flywheel’s Growth Suite

  • To save time.
  • To increase your monthly recurring revenue.
  • To grow your business quickly and predictably.
  • To have data driven insights for better decision making.
  • To serve more clients.
  • To stay organized.
  • To have more time to look for new clients.
  • To have more time to do what you enjoy in life.
  • To have everything under one dashboard.
  • To charge clients for non-subscription based professional services. Can be one-off as well as recurring.
  • To provide everything under your brand i.e white label solutions. Clients know you, not Flywheel.

Who Should Use Growth Suite

Freelancers, agencies and all those who want to earn recurring revenue.

How Much Does Flywheel Growth Suite Cost

Growth Suite provide you with two plans, Freelance and Agency.

Freelance plan costs US $135/month while Agency plan costs US 330/month.

Prices vary according to the choice of server location.

If you pay annually, you get 2 months free.

Custom pricing also available if you host more than 100 sites.

Flywheel offers free site migrations to get your sites up and running in least possible time.

I am sure you will have good success with Flywheel’s Growth Suite.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try Growth Suite now, increase your MRR and reach new heights.

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