List of Good Habits That Make Life with Examples

List of Good Habits with Examples

List of Good Habits with Examples

  • Follow daily routine.
  • Rising Early in the morning.
  • Wake-up everyday at the same time.
  • Sprinkle water on your face to rejuvenate, re-hydrate yourself.
  • Brushing Teeth.
  • Doing any one or combo of Meditation, Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Exercise, or Yoga.
  • Take bath, clean yourself.
  • Our hands have maximum number of germs. So wash hands with Antiseptic Liquid before eating any food.
  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time.
  • Eating healthy nutritious breakfast.
  • Gargling after eating.
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  • To Do: What good shall I do today?
  • Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy (work).
  • Do one thing at a time and do properly, instead of doing multi-tasking.
  • Carry out daily activities in such a way that it consumes least brain power. Good for health.
  • Eating Healthy nutritious lunch.
  • Go out once everyday to get some fresh air and sunlight.
  • Eating healthy nutritious dinner.
  • Early to bed.
  • Sleeping at the same time everyday.
  • Paying monthly bills on time.
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  • Keeping house and office neat and clean.
  • Appreciate others of their good work.
  • Smile on strangers.
  • Donate and Help the needy.
  • Being kind to others.
  • Review: What good have I done today?
  • Appreciate everything that you have everyday.
  • Writing in your personal diary.
  • Paying Tax
  • Keeping Margin of Safety
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Good Habits for Children

  • Learn
  • Laugh
  • Play

Good Habits are Good Karma, but not vice versa.

Moral of the Story
It’s never too late to start following Good Habits to make life simpler, and better.