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How to Handle Terminations the Right Way

Bambee provides small and medium businesses with HR department within their budget.
Bambee provides small and medium businesses with HR department within their budget.
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A functioning HR department with a committed HR manager is essential to a business’s success.

But, unfortunately, some small businesses do not have due to financial constraints.

It goes without saying that this may cause issues with compliance, culture, training, and and other factors.

Making wiser budget adjustments is even more crucial to the growth of a small business.

Now you ask should I run my small business without HR department?


Now you can have an HR department within your budget with the help from Bambee.

What is Bambee?

Bambee is the first outsourced human resource compliance solution created for small businesses.

Bambee allows SMBs access to a knowledgeable HR Manager with their HR Autopilot.

Bambee provides up-to-date rules to keep your American businesses HR compliant all year long.

Bambee provides two-way communication between you and your employees.

Besides ensuring that your business runs smoothly, Bambee also assist to handle layoffs.

As your ally in such situations, Bambee ensures that the appropriate documentation procedure is in place, assisting in the avoidance of labour law violations and ensuring that the right exit or termination process is followed in accordance with state and federal laws, including guidance on final checks, continued benefits, COBRA, and other matters.

Poorly handled terminations can cause a lot of problems for your business.

Without the proper procedures in place, expensive errors may occur, leading to expensive lawsuits.

Your HR Manager at Bambee will ensure that your dismissal procedure is legal.

They will also provide you with advice on what to say and do as well as what you should avoid speaking.

Every employee deserves a fair, honest, and transparent process to be followed when leaving the company.

How much does Bambee cost?

Bambee can handle this and more for as little as US $99 per month.

Bambee has no hidden fees or contracts.

With Bambee, you can stay within your budget while giving your company and employees what they need.

Head over to Bambee right away to learn how to expand your company without giving up the little things that might add up to a lot.

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