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List of Irresponsible Behaviors to Avoid with Examples

Irresponsible Behaviors
Examples of Irresponsible Behaviors

Irresponsible Behavior Examples

  • Being a mute spectator, and watching injustice happening to others.
  • Teaching children to speak lies, cheat, bribe, and rob others instead of values and life lessons.
  • Showing wrong path to someone in need.
  • Beating Wife.
  • Demanding dowry from Wife.
  • Treating others as untouchables instead of Human Beings.
  • Taking bribes, and voting in the elections. This way you put your children’s future in darkness.
  • Not helping the needy by donating.
  • Not paying taxes, or submit fake bills to lower tax liability.
  • Taking payment and not giving solution. This way you don’t fulfill Responsibility towards your profession which gives you food to eat.
  • Not taking Responsibility of your Bad Habits, and Bad Karma.
  • Creating division among people.
  • Giving orders to others, and not doing anything yourself.

  • As a Government Bank employee, take bribe and give loans to people who are never going to return it. You put people’s hard earned money, and country’s financial system at risk.
  • As a Judge, you consume 20 years to deliver verdict, instead of 4.
  • As a Politician, you talk more, and deliver too less.
  • As a Politician, you keep shouting in the parliament and don’t let others speak.
  • As a Politician, you break chairs.
  • As a Politician, you walkout from discussion.
  • If you taught children to be dependent, instead of being independent.
  • If you led by example, and taught your family that money is life, and to do anything for that money.
  • Acting too much, too often, and or without any proof.
  • Believing that the world is perfect.
  • Drinking and driving.
  • Talking on mobile phone while driving.
  • Sharing, forwarding unverified content on social networks.
  • You give more importance to Promises and Relations rather than Justice.
  • As Prime Minister, you do saudebaazi..
  • As Police, you didn’t stop rapes and mob lynching from happening.
  • As Police, you take hafta (protection money).
  • Letting personal life affect professional life.
  • Rapists, and murderers are let off because of your silent support.
  • Did not get your life partner on the righteous life path.
  • Not fulfilling promises you make.
  • Being overly selfish and only thinking about yourself, and not about your family, or less privileged people in the world.
  • Believing that only elected representatives will do the work and you don’t have to contribute to the country.
  • Focusing on the blame game that people do, instead of the life path.
  • Interfering in private life of others.
  • Putting efforts to pull others down (Bad Habits), rather than uplift yourself (Good Habits).
  • Spending precious time causing destruction, means you never did any construction in life.
  • Being addicted to social networking sites like Facebook, Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, etc…

If you avoid all of the above, and fulfill your Responsibilities, then you will surely lead a healthy and prosperous life filled with Good Habits, and Good Karma.

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