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Jetpack WordPress Plugin Review 2022

 Jetpack WordPress Plugin
Jetpack WordPress Plugin
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Jetpack WordPress Plugin protects your business against unwanted intruders, spam, malware, and data loss.

Jetpack Plugin Features

  • Activity Log – keep close eye on your site by recording core activities with timestamp, user, and description of each event.
  • Auto Updates – decide which plugins you wish to get updated automatically. Keeping plugins updated is foremost WordPress Security Tips.
  • Assets CDN – offload all core WordPress files and static assets to Jetpack CDN to reduce load on your server.
  • Backups – real time and automated, with secure unlimited off-site storage.
  • Contact Form – receive email messages from your visitors.
  • Mobile Theme – to load your site faster on mobile devices.
  • Monitor – alerts you the moment your site goes down, comes back online, and the time it remained offline. Monitors yours site every minute.
  • Protect – secures your login from Brute force attacks. You can even whitelist your own static IP.
  • Rewind – my favorite. It helps you rewind your site to a particular event in one click.
  • Secure Sign-On – provides two factor authentication as well as login via WordPress, and Google credentials.
  • Sharing – helps visitors share your articles on social networks.
  • Statistics – tells who visited your site, what did they clicked, searched, etc… Install their mobile app, and track on the go.
  • Subscriptions – helps visitors to receive notifications of new articles.
  • Publicize – helps to automatically share, or schedule posts on social networks.
  • Sitemap – creates a list of index of all articles, images, and news published on your site for search engines to index.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Pros

  • Get lot of features in a single plugin.
  • Very useful as an automation tool.
  • Available at a reasonable price.
  • As soon as you activate Jetpack it will start syncing your site to WordPress servers.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Cons

  • Too much customizations not possible.

Jetpack Addons

  • Jetpack Search
  • Jetpack Scan
  • Jetpack Backups

You can buy Jetpack Scan and Backups separately also.

Jetpack Search

  • Powered by Elastic Search.
  • Enterprise grade fast site search for your visitors.
  • Indexing is done in real time.
  • Helps reduce load on your server.
  • Reasonably priced.

Jetpack Scan

  • Automated malware scanning.
  • 1-click fixes.
  • Get email notifications for infected files.
  • Scanning happens on Jetpack servers, saving you precious server resources.

Who Should Install Jetpack Plugin

  • All those who want real time offsite backups with 1-click restore.
  • To reduce load on server by offloading search to Jetpack Search.
  • All those who want to publish articles through WordPress mobile app.
  • All those who want to see real time stats in WordPress mobile app while on the go.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Price

Get all of the above premium features, plus many more at an affordable price of just $29 per month.

You need to subscribe separately for Jetpack Search.

You can either activate Jetpack Secure Sign-On or Cloudflare Access to secure WordPress backend from Brute Force attacks.

Moral of the Story

Jetpack WordPress Plugin helps protect your site from unwanted intruders and data loss.

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