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3 Best Landing Page Builders and Platforms for 2022

Landing Page Builders and Platforms
Landing Page Builders and Platforms
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What is a Landing Page?

What are the uses of a Landing Page?

What are the best free landing page builders?

What are the best landing page platforms?

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Now, lets get to our article on Best Landing Page Builders and Platforms.

What is a Landing Page

A Landing Page is a specially designed page created to grab visitors attention and help them take desired call to action.

Landing Pages are highly optimized and fast with eye catching design.

Unlike homepage, Landing Pages focus on achieving just one goal.

What to Use Landing Pages for?

  • To launch new products.
  • To grab leads.
  • To promote particular product.
  • To offer discounts.
  • To share coupons.
  • To signup for webinars.
  • To signup for newsletter.
  • To signup for event.
  • To capture leads by offering free eBook.
  • To display company presentation.
  • For recruitment.

Best Landing Page Builders and Platforms in 2021

  • Unbounce
  • Convertri
  • Landingi

Common Features Among Landing Page Builders and Platforms

  • No coding skills required.
  • Custom domains.
  • HTTPS.
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder.
  • Mobile responsive landing pages.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Integrations with popular tools you use daily, vary from company to company.
  • WordPress plugin.
  • Charges are based on number of unique visitors to landing pages.


  • Add popups and sticky bars.
  • Smart Traffic automatically looks at your visitors attributes and sends them to the variant that will convert most, powered by AI.
  • Conversion Intelligence pairs your marketing expertise with AI powered insights to get you best possible conversions.
  • Have mobiles pages different than desktop ones.
  • 100+ landing page templates.
  • Sort templates by industry, campaign type, name, recent, and popular.
  • Clone pages.
  • Add custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to any page.
  • Add lightboxes to your page.
  • AMP Pages.
  • Add lead generation forms.
  • Add custom thank you message.
  • Hide content behind a form to capture leads using Gated Content.
  • Dynamic text replacement.
  • Set multi-user permissions such as admin, author, or viewer.
  • Real-time data in dashboard.
  • Unbounce Landing Pages are powered by Amazon CloudFront CDN.
  • Used by 15,000+ brands.
  • Plans start at USD 80/month.
  • Unbounce has come up with a new Conversion Benchmark Report for the Year 2021 and the great news is that you can get it for free.
  • Signup with the below link to trial for 14 days or get 20% off for 3 months or 20% off on annual plans.


  • Has the fastest landing pages.
  • Custom CDN.
  • Import pages from other platforms.
  • Custom 404 pages.
  • Add no-index to pages.
  • Redirect from old domain to new.
  • 400+ landing page templates.
  • Funnel planner.
  • Integrated shopping cart.
  • Automatically tailor page copy to your ads with Dynamic Text.
  • Have mobile specific page.
  • One-Click Upsells.
  • Bump Sells.
  • Add custom HTML, CSS and Scripts.
  • Add Pop-ups, Lightboxes and Conversion Bars.
  • Plans start at USD 99/month.


  • Landingi helps you design, publish, connect, convert, sell, optimize and expand.
  • 400+ landing page templates.
  • Popups builder.
  • Page history.
  • Funnels.
  • Campaign scheduler.
  • Payment buttons.
  • White label solution.
  • Support through phone, chat and email.
  • Plans start at USD 89/month.

Useful Tools for Landing Pages

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