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55 Valuable Life Lessons to Learn in 2022 That Are Not Taught in School and College

Valuable Life lessons that are not taught in School and College.
Life lessons not taught in School and College

Want to learn some great lessons that are not taught in school and college?

If you answer yes, then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat your back.

You have done an excellent job. Keep it up!

You are a wonderful human being.

Now, lets get back to learning these lessons.

These lessons are taught by the Best Teacher in the world called Life.

Relax and enjoy reading with some popcorn.

Life Lessons

  1. Happiness and money are equally important in life.
  2. Stay foolish, stay hungry.
  3. Live frugal.
  4. Save Money and Invest for the future.
  5. Save first, then spent what is left after saving.
  1. Margin of Safety is important in all walks of life.
  2. Have least expectations from others.
  3. Walk on your life path.
  4. Reciprocate. Find a way to give back to people who give you.
  5. Accept change with a Broad Mind.
  6. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t know something.
  7. Travel and discover the world.
  8. Never let anything stop you from moving forward in life or whatever.
  9. You don’t have to impress everyone.
  10. Be an independent thinker i.e have your own thought process.
  11. You are neither too young or too old to do something.
  12. Learn from everybody.
  13. Failure is only when you give up, so never ever give up.
  14. Donate and help the needy.
  15. You are neither inferior to someone nor someone is superior to you.
  16. Events occur in our life for some special reason.
  17. Compare products, not people.
  18. Slow and steady wins the race.
  19. Being disciplined helps you accomplish lot of things.
  20. Being organized helps you retrieve things easily when needed.
  1. Life is the greatest teacher. Learn what it teaches you. This way it also prepares you for the future.
  2. Never be afraid of rejections.
  3. Every event occurs for the first and last time.
  4. Disagree with others without attacking.
  5. Always believe in yourself. You have the potential to make it happen.
  6. Don’t count, just focus on doing Good Karma.
  7. Always believe that something good will happen.
  8. If you fall down, stand up and start walking again.
  9. Health is the real wealth.
  10. Always look at the bright side, whether people or situation.
  11. Laughter is the best medicine that too available for free.
  12. Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat.
  13. Forgive and move on in life.
  14. Learn to be deserving.
  15. Life gives you things at an appropriate time.
  16. Value everything that life gives you.
  17. Pain is part of life, accept it.
  18. People change according to their moods and needs.
  19. Don’t give importance to what people think or speak about you.
  20. You can’t live with borrowed money, so be financially independent.
  21. Limitations are your strength.
  22. Uncertainty is your friend.
  23. Justice is more important than a Promise.
  24. Be careful of what you take from others.
  25. Love those who love you, not whom you love.
  26. The world is imperfect, so are you and me. Accept this truth.
  27. Count only those people who are there with you in your not so good times.
  28. Be ready to face hurdles in every step you take forward in life.
  29. Value what you already have rather than run after something.
  30. One day you will depart from this world leaving behind everything.

Hope you have enjoyed reading these valuable lessons taught by life.

Firmly believe that you will implement them in your life to be successful, healthy and happy.

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