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67 Terribly Horrible Not So Good Habits That Ruin Life

List of Not So Good Habits That Ruin Life with Examples
Examples of Not So Good Habits That Ruin Life

What are Not So Good Habits?

What are Bad Habits?

Give some examples of Not Go Good Habits.

Give some examples of Bad Habits.

If you are looking for answers to above questions then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat your back.

You did an excellent job. Keep it up!

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Now, lets move to the topic.

Not So Good Habits are nothing but Bad Habits.

Examples of Not So Good Habits

  1. Smoking cigarettes.
  2. Chewing tobacco.
  3. Drinking and driving.
  4. Eating junk food.
  5. Using cellphone at night deprives sleep.
  6. Lot of credit card overdues.
  7. Texting, talking on mobile phone while driving.
  8. Taking drugs.
  9. Speaking lies.
  10. Always asking others for things even though you have a lot.
  11. Least or no physical activity throughout the day.
  12. Putting you finger in nose.
  13. Criticizing yourself.
  14. Glaring at mobile and computer screen for too long without taking intermediate breaks.
  15. Too much use of mobile phone after sunset disturbs sleep.
  16. Emotional eating.
  17. Unnecessarily blaming others for nothing.
  18. Biting your nails.
  19. Biting you lips.
  20. Levying baseless allegations on others.
  1. Speaking bad words.
  2. Insulting others.
  3. Purposely creating misunderstanding between two people.
  4. Ill treating your wife.
  5. Not switching off electrical appliances immediately after use.
  6. Not taking care of your health.
  7. Cheating on others.
  8. Not fulfilling your professional responsibility even after taking payment from client.
  9. Making fun when someone falls down.
  10. Criticizing others.
  11. Underestimating somebody.
  12. Arguing with somebody.
  13. Shouting at somebody.
  14. Breaking promises made to others.
  15. Having too much expectations from somebody.
  16. Depending on somebody.
  17. Any kind of addiction.
  18. Getting angry very easily.
  19. Eating too much sugar and salt.
  20. Life on fast lane.
  21. Skipping breakfast.
  22. Not wearing helmet while driving.
  23. Not putting on seat belt when driving car.
  24. Sitting too close and watching television.
  25. Too much of screen time (mobile, computer and TV).
  26. Purposely making fun of others.
  27. Visiting others home and breaking things.
  28. Saying not so good things about a person who is not present in the group at that time.
  29. Always complaining about something.
  30. Judging others instead of accepting.
  31. Doing theft.
  32. Making a mountain out of a peanut.
  33. Not returning borrowed goods on time.
  34. Living on borrowed thoughts.
  35. Living on borrowed money.
  36. Ordering others to pickup household/office items for you which are lying very near to you.
  37. Take from everybody and give nobody.
  38. Rob Changu and make relation with Mangu.
  39. Being late for an appointment.
  40. Spitting on walls, vehicles, lift, etc…
  1. Watching TV while eating.
  2. Talking while eating.
  3. Putting others house on fire.
  4. Thinking too much.
  5. Wake up early, do time pass, then rush at the last moment.
  6. Disturbing others while they are doing some work.
  7. Looking at problem instead of finding solutions.
  8. Not being grateful.

I firmly believe that you will soon start following Good Habits to achieve all round progress in life.

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