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Top Omnisend Features To Engage with Customers and Grow Your eCommerce Business

Top Omnisend Features to Grow Your eCommerce Business
Top Omnisend Features to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article plus some links and discount codes in this article generate affiliate income. So if you use these codes or click the link and make a purchase, I will get some commission at no extra cost to you. Recommended products are of high quality. Some of them I use personally.

I have already written a detailed Omnisend review earlier.

So today I am going to share with you Top Omnisend Features to engage with your customers and grow your eCommerce business.

Top Omnisend Features to Grow Your eCommerce Business

  1. Pre-built Workflows
  2. Engage Loyal Customers
  3. Omnichannel Workflows
  4. Product Picker
  5. Unique Discount Codes
  6. Scratch Cards
  7. Gift Box
  8. Wheel of Fortune
  9. Landing Pages
  10. Segmentation
  11. Customer Lifecycle Stages

1. Pre-built Workflows

Omnisend provides you with pre-built workflows to cover every step of your customer journey to improve conversions and increase customer engagement meaning more business to you.

Omnisend provides you with pre-built messages, subject lines and workflow settings so that you can get up and start running your first campaign in less than 30 minutes. You can easily customize according to your needs with the drag and drop editor.

Pre-built workflows are available

  • to welcome new customers,
  • to reach out to shoppers who viewed product(s) but did not make a purchase,
  • to reach out to shoppers who added product(s) to cart but abandoned it,
  • to send order confirmation emails,
  • to send receipts,
  • to suggest customers more products based on their past purchases.

2. Engage Loyal Customers

There are two ways in which you show your customers how much they matter to you.

  1. By sending them Birthday / Anniversary greetings along with discount codes.
  2. By listening to customer queries and feedback.

3. Omnichannel Workflows

Omnisend allows you to combine multiple marketing channels (email, SMS and web push notifications) into a single workflow for a consistent and personalized experience for your customers.

Combining multiple channels increases conversion rates significantly.

4. Product Picker

Product Pickers allows you to quickly import products from your store into your email campaigns.

With Product Picker on your side say goodbye to manually copy pasting.

5. Unique Discount Codes

People love discounts and offers. Rewarding your customers with Unique discount coupons is easy with Omnisend.

All you have to do is just add the Discount Code block into the email using drag & drop builder.

You can decide the expiry date of Discount Codes.

You can offer three types of Discounts

  1. Discount based on percentage of cart value.
  2. Fixed amount of discount.
  3. Offer free shipping.

6. Online Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards offer fun and interactive way to engage with your shoppers.

When your shoppers click on the Scratch Card they get a chance to win a prize which can be a discount code or free shipping or a gift.

7. Gift Box

Omnisend also allows you to add a Gift Box to your email campaigns.

Gift Box is an interactive element which encourages the shopper to click the box and receive some kind of special gift.

8. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a fun and interactive way to offer your shoppers a chance to get discount, free shipping or a gift in return for their email address.

All the shopper has to do is Spin the Wheel to try their chance to win the gift.

Omnisend allows to you decide when and to whom this Wheel of Fortune is displayed.

9. Landing Pages

Omnisend allows you to create branded landing pages meaning pages which have the same look and fell of your website to deliver more engaging experience.

Landing pages are created to do just one thing at a time to drive more conversions.

With Omnisend you can create separate landing page for each campaign.

10. Segmentation

Send personalized messages to your customers based on their shopping behaviors using eCommerce tailored Segmentation.

You can all of this with easy to use, flexible and intuitive segment builder tool by Omnisend.

No manual updates or imports are required as these Segments are updated in real time.

You can even make use of Segment Suggestions if you are new to eCommerce marketing or want to reach more inboxes.

11. Customer Lifecycle Stages

Omnisend classifies customer based on lifecycle stages. Omnisend does this with the help of Artificial Intelligence. So you don’t have to dig huge amounts of data to know who and which customers need to be re-engaged.

You can target customers based on their spend, shopping frequencing and shopping regency.

Lifecycle Stage map show you health of your customers in real time meaning you know what percentage of customers you are at risk of losing, percentage of customers that are your loyalists, etc…

I like the above features and am sure you too will.

Firmly believe that Omnisend will help you engage better with your customers and help grow your eCommerce business.

Pro Tip

Discount codes, scratch cards and gift boxes offer great Click-through-Rates as well as conversions. So don’t forget to use them in your email marketing campaigns to drive more sales.

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