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How to Toggle System Features on Your Mac with a Click

One Switch app to control system settings on Mac
One Switch App for Mac
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Do you want to control various macOS features in 1-click?

Do you want to easily toggle between dark and light modes on your Mac?

Do you want to replace numerous settings and apps with easy toggles?

Do you want to easily manage your AirPods connection?

Do you want to hide desktop icons easily?

Do you want to prevent your Mac device from sleeping?

Do you want to prevent Mac from automatically displaying screen saver?

If you are looking to answers for above questions then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat you back.

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Now, lets get back to our article on how to toggle system features on your Mac.

You can easily control various macOS features with a single click using One Switch app.

What is One Switch app?

One Switch is an app created by Fireball Studio specially for macOS.

One Switch is a tiny app which replaces numerous apps and settings on your Mac device.

One Switch allows you to easily toggle certain system features on your Mac device.

One Switch allows you to access this list from menu bar.

One Switch is a must have Mac utility app.

One Switch save you lot of time.

Top One Switch Features

Easily Toggle System Features on Your Mac with One Switch
Easily Toggle System Features on Your Mac with One Switch
  • Hide desktop icons.
  • Toggle dark mode at any time.
  • Prevent Mac from automatically going to sleep mode.
  • Connect AirPods quickly.
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb at specified times.
  • Manually turn on Screen Saver.
  • Enable lock screen.
  • See hidden files.
  • Change Screen resolution.

Which macOS version does One Switch support?

One Switch requires macOS Mojave 10.14 or higher.

How to Get One Switch App?

You get One Switch app with Setapp subscription, no need to pay extra for a single app.

Currently you get 220+ apps with your Setapp subscription.

What is Setapp?

Setapp is an app for Mac and iPhone.

Setapp provides you with the best Mac apps in one suite.

Setapp tells you to think in terms of tasks that you want to solve rather than apps.

You search on Setapp and tell it what task you want to solve.

Setapp will then recommend you best apps to install to accomplish your tasks.

Setapp also allows you to automate and boost your productivity even further.

Why People use Setapp

  • To save precious time.
  • Authors use Setapp to organize docs to make book writing easier.
  • To capture thoughts and transform ideas into action.
  • To access Mac remotely.
  • To get access to best productive apps for Mac.
  • To access best YouTube downloaders for Mac.

How much does Setapp Cost?

Setapp offers two types of plans viz personal and teams.

Personal Plans

What you get with Setapp Personal Plans

  • Quality apps to accomplish your tasks.
  • Free lifetime updates
  • No advertisements to distract you.
  • Continuous addition of new apps.
  • Cancel anytime.
  1. Mac to connect 1 Mac device for US $9.99/month.
  2. Mac + iOS to connect 1 Mac and iOS devices for US $12.49/month.
  3. Power User to connect 4 Mac and iOS devices for US $14.99/month.

Teams Plan

What you get with Setapp Team Plans

  • Find apps in a click.
  • Add new members easily.
  • Transfer data from Mac to Mac.
  • Exclusive apps to accomplish daily tasks productively.
  • Comes with 14 days free trial.
  1. Monthly plan comes for US $9.99/device/user/month.
  2. Annual plan comes for US $8.99/device/user/month.
  3. Custom plans for multinationals and NGOs.

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