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Tips to Keep Your Password Secure

Tips to Keep Your Password Secure
Tips to Keep Your Password Secure

Tips to Create a Strong Password

  • Longer the password, harder it takes to crack. So make sure your password is atleast 25 characters long.
  • Password should contain mix of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • You can create memorable passphrase.

Tips to Create Memorable Passwords

  • Memorable passwords are just Passphrases.
  • Your passphrase should be atleast 8 words long.
  • Passphrase can be created from song or poem, quote from a movie or a speech, a sentence from a book or news article, etc…
  • Example: “Wish you all round progress in life with responsibility and accountability”.
  • “Wish-you-all-round-progress-in-life-with-responsibility-and-accountability”.
  • Also add numbers and symbols with some logic.
  • You can create a password by taking the first letter from every word of the passphrase. Example: “Hello, how are you? I am fine thank you!” will become “H,hay?Iafty!”.

Tips for Password Safety

  • Always enter your password on HTTPS version of a site.
  • Make sure you never share your password with anyone.
  • Make sure no one watches you when you type the password.
  • Change your passwords at frequent intervals.
  • Block screenshots in apps.
  • Use incognito keyboard to disable personalized learning.
  • Avoid entering passwords on public computers like internet cafe, library, etc… to avoid key loggers.
  • Never ever reuse a password.
  • Avoid using personal information like name, age, place of birth, birth date, anniversary to make passwords non guessable.
  • Avoid only common dictionary words as passwords.
  • Avoid single words.
  • Avoid using admin or password as password.
  • Avoid common keyboard patters like 11111, 12345, qwerty, \][, abc123, iloveyou, etc…
  • Avoid using words spelled backwards.
  • Always use TOTP (Time based One Time Password) for 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Make sure Restricted Areas have atleast two layers of security.
  • Use a password manager to store complex passwords.

Check Password Leaks

  • Have I Been Pawned to check if your username, password, or email address has been leaked online. Also register to receive notifications as soon as it happens.
  • Firefox Monitor alerts you if your information is leaked online.

Password Generators

  • Type “password strong 25” in DuckDuckGo without quotes.
  • Generate WordPress Salt Key. Use any one key or part of the key as your password.

Online Password Managers

Offline Password Managers

Moral of the Story

For optimal security of your online accounts it is must to have complex passwords having minimum length of 25 characters along with 2-factor authentication.

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