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Why You Should Pay Tax? And, How Paying Tax is a Virtue?

Why You should Pay Tax? How Paying Tax is a Virtue?
Why You should Pay Tax? How Paying Tax is a Virtue?

Let’s start with a simple activity i.e. paying taxes.

To pay tax, you have to consult a CA.

If more businesses and professionals pay taxes, more CA’s would be required.

This increases demand for CA’s.

CA hires more employees to serve increasing customer base.

All these people don’t keep all the money, they also spend which creates consumer boom in the country.

Consumer boom generates lot of employment for the unemployed people.

When people get employment, they become self reliant and buy all that they want.

What this means?

6 Reasons Paying Tax is Virtue

  1. Tax collection increases.
  2. Employment rate goes up.
  3. Consumer boom happens.
  4. GDP increases.
  5. Means overall economic activity increases.
  6. If all go up, Do you think Stock Market’s darling Sensex will stay back?

Just one thought and action of yours, contributes so much to the development of the country, which in turn increases the Quality and Quantity of amenities for all.

You fulfill this Responsibility as an Individual and not as any favor to anybody.

Tax is part of your income which belongs to the country, not you family.

In the long term, it will be good for you and your family.

A bigger pizza serves more people.

Imagine, what will happen if you add more such virtues in life?

Moral of the Story

Paying tax is a virtue, a Good Habit as well as a Good Karma.

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