List of Responsibilities Every Individual Should Fulfill

List of Responsibilities an Individual should Fulfill

Notes on Responsibilities

  • Everything changes except your Responsibilities.
  • Only death does you apart from your Responsibilities.
  • Responsibility never has a holiday. Tweet Me

List of Individual Responsibilities to Fulfill

  1. Responsibility towards Yourself
  2. Responsibility towards Your Family
  3. Responsibility towards Work
  4. Responsibility towards Country
  5. Responsibility towards Humanity
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Responsibility towards Yourself

  • Doing things for yourself.
  • Earn to become self-reliant i.e. pay for food, clothing, shelter, travel, etc..
  • Be healthy, wealthy, and happy.

You fulfill this Responsibility as a Selfish Person.
Being selfish is absolutely fine, just try not to become overly selfish.

Responsibility towards Family

  • Spend quality time and take care of the family.
  • Take care of parents in old age.
  • Also look after in-laws in old age.
  • Teach good values to your children.
  • If you have children, then they are your biggest and most important responsibility.

You fulfill this Responsibility as a Family Member.

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Responsibility towards Work

  • Fulfill responsibilities towards your job, business, blogging, consultancy, etc…
  • If you are a person in authority, you are responsible for your own actions as well as that of the people down the line.

You fulfill this Responsibility as a Professional.

Responsibility towards Your Country

  • Pay tax to contribute towards betterment of the nation.
  • Vote to elect representatives, who work for betterment of all.
  • Provide feedback to the government in the form of suggestions and complaints.

You fulfill this Responsibility as a Citizen.

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Responsibility towards Humanity

You fulfill this Responsibility as a Human Being.

Apart from the above, try to avoid these not so responsible behaviors for all round performance in life.