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List of Individual Rights with Examples and Definition

List of Individual Rights
List of Individual Rights

Individual Rights Definition

Actions that can be exercised without others permission are called Individual Rights.

Individual Rights can be grouped as Human Rights, Birth Rights, Fundamental Rights and Citizen Rights.

An Individual’s Rights are neither good or nor bad.

Rights of an Individual can’t be barred depending on following:

  • his/her age,
  • height,
  • weight,
  • color,
  • caste,
  • creed,
  • place of birth,
  • sex,
  • nature of work,
  • disability,
  • marital status,
  • political opinion,
  • religious beliefs,
  • employment status.

Individual Rights Examples

  • Right to equality.
  • Right to live.
  • Right to earn.
  • Right to laugh.
  • Right to learn.
  • Right to eat food of his/her choice.
  • Right to wear clothes of his/her choice.
  • Right to choose career of his/her choice.
  • Right to marry person of his/her choice.
  • Right to buy house of his/her choice.
  • Right to pursue religion of his/her choice.
  • Right to express himself/herself.
  • Right to defend.
  • Not subject to any kind of slavery.
  • Not subject to any kind of discrimination.
  • Right to think, act and have viewpoint of his/her choice.
  • Right to held government accountable as a responsible tax payer.
  • Right to vote.
  • Right to privacy.
  • Right to use public amenities.
  • Right to protest peacefully.
  • Right to seek justice.
  • Right to seek fair trial.
  • Right to get bail.
  • Right to be innocent until proven guilty.
  • Right to move freely in and out of the country.
  • Right to get proper food in jail.
  • Not be subjected to torture.
  • Not be subjected to unreasonable search, seizure, arrest and detention.
  • Right to complain to government.
  • Right to give suggestions to government.

We should learn to respect and accept an individual’s right to live, laugh and earn.

A Wife deserves equal Rights and respect in the family, even if she is a non earning member.

Kinnar’s also deserve equal Rights and respect in the society. Employment opportunities provide them with a dignified life.

What Not to Accept

Rape, violence, harassment, exploitation, slavery, cannot and should not be accepted or tolerated.

Moral of the Story

Learn to respect and accept others Rights, if you want them to respect yours.

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