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Should A Prime Minister Do SaudeBaazi

Should a Prime Minister do Saudebaazi

What is SaudeBaazi

You can call it invisible corruption, or barter system (give and take).

Example of SaudeBaazi

A PM may give concession or tax breaks to an industrialist for setting up a plant for manufacturing.

But the rich and wealthy do not need that.

Discounts, subsidies should go directly to jobless and below poverty line people.

Should a Prime Minister do SaudeBaazi?

A big NO.


Since the Prime Minister has been allotted all the resources required to perform the job in the best possible manner.

Resources with a Prime Minister

  • You have been given the highest authority so that employees obey your orders.
  • Visible and invisible security cover so that nobody blocks your path, or throw stones at you.
  • A huge army of employees to implement, monitor, review, update schemes/laws in sync with time and needs.
  • You can spend huge sums of money without much restrictions.
  • You get food of your choice.
  • Doctors to monitor your health continuously.
  • All types of vehicles (cars, planes, and ships) to reach any destination on time and hassle free.
  • You have been allotted official residence so that you don’t have to change house every 11 months.
  • Plus all that not listed here.

Why Above Resources are Allotted to Prime Minister

  • So that you be fair, unbiased in all your dealings.
  • So that lack of resources don’t stop you from doing what is required.
  • So that nobody blackmails you.
  • So that you treat everyone equal.
  • So that you don’t have to do SaudeBaazi.
  • So that nobody stops you from taking tough decisions for the betterment of the nation.

A Prime Minister resorting to SaudeBaazi certifies how well he/she fulfills responsibilities.

Then what should a Prime Minister do?

  • Have a clear thought process.
  • Have better understanding of the concerned topics.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Then act with firmness, no matter who thinks what.
  • Be strict with Government employees. If found not performing their duty, punish.
  • Same should be done with others as well.
  • This way you live up to the chair of Prime Minister.

And you will no longer have to complain that people levy baseless allegations.

Moral of the Story

A Prime Minister should give orders not resort to SaudeBaazi.

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