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Best All-in-One SEO Suites

best all-in-one seo tools
Best All-in-One SEO Tools

Disclaimer: Some links and discount codes in this article generate affiliate income. So if you use these codes or click and make a purchase, I will get some commission at no extra cost to you. Recommended products are of high quality. Some of them I use personally.

Benefits of SEO Tools

  • Know your top ranking articles in search.
  • Know how much traffic your are getting from search engines.
  • Know traffic you are getting from paid search listings.
  • Learn about number of backlinks to your site.
  • Learn whether the backlinks are follow or nofollow.
  • Quality of backlinks.
  • Sources of traffic.
  • Top countries sending traffic.
  • Positions of your keywords in search.
  • To find profitable keyword opportunities.
  • Research and know your top competitors, traffic sources, top referring sites, etc…
  • Get recommendations to improve your On Page SEO.
  • Research new markets.
  • Learn about the current trend in search.
  • Create high ranking Google Ads.
  • Rank your Product Listing Ads higher in Google Shopping.
  • Monitor your brand.
  • Plus many more listed below.

Best All-in-One SEO Tools

  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs


Ahrefs tools can be categorized into 5 areas.

  1. Site Explorer
  2. Keywords Explorer
  3. Site Audit
  4. Rank Tracker
  5. Content Explorer

Site Explorer

Get insights into search traffic and backlink profile for any domain.

  • Know top pages that are bringing the most traffic.
  • See top ranking keywords for a URL in search.
  • See past keywords ranking movements.
  • Know about competing domains ranking for particular keywords.
  • See all the backlinks for a domain or URL.
  • Learn about the new or lost backlinks in a given period.
  • Learn about broken backlinks.
  • Learn about anchor phrases used to point to a domain or URL.
  • Know all your internal links.
  • Know PPC keywords for a URL.
  • See all text ads for a given domain appearing in search.
  • Know top landing pages that are getting traffic from search.
  • Learn about the top pages having most backlinks.
  • Learn about top pages that have seen biggest jump in backlinks.
  • Learn about top pages that have been shared most on the social networks.
  • Know whom your competitor is linking to, which of them are broken and anchor text.

Keywords Explorer

Get keyword ideas, traffic you can get and know how easy or difficult it is to rank.

  • Displays you keyword ideas in six ways based on top pages.
  • Displays you phrases that contain your keywords.
  • Displays you ideas that contains your keywords in any order.
  • Display you other keywords that top ranking pages also rank for.
  • Displays you queries suggested by autocomplete feature of search engines.
  • Display newly added search queries to the database.
  • Displays questions that people are looking for.
  • Keyword Difficulty score tells you how easy or hard it is to rank for that keyword.
  • Tells you average monthly number of clicks.
  • Tells you how many number of results people click while searching.
  • See traffic that a page is receiving including related searches.
  • Allows you to save keywords in list to view later.

Site Audit

See On Page SEO performance for a domain.

  • See overall health score for your site.
  • See how your website is crawled in real time.
  • See key metrics in beautiful charts.
  • See SEO issues with your domain and recommendations to fix them.
  • Data Explorer provides you 100+ data points to filter content the way you want.
  • You get the choice to schedule crawl as often you want.
  • You can also choose to crawl mobile version of a site.

Rank Tracker

Monitor your rankings, current and historical also compare with competitors.

  • You can see ranking updates for desktop as well as mobile version of site.
  • Know the percentage of clicks you site receives form organic search traffic.
  • Know average ranking position in search.
  • Know traffic that your site receives for every keyword and total.
  • Know changes in ranking positions.
  • Positions distribution tells you ranking positions for your keywords.
  • Know if you site page ranks for one of the 13 SERP features.
  • Compare your site with upto 10 competitors.
  • Know which sites or pages are fighting for search traffic for your tracked keywords and who is getting what share of traffic in percentage and volume.
  • Get scheduled email reports for notable changes.

Content Explorer

Learn about top content in your niche.

  • See SEO and social metrics for any page.
  • You get 12 filters to drill content.
  • Know if a page is gaining or losing backlinks and organic traffic over a period of time with the help of charts.
  • Know about referring domains.
  • Know the anchor text used for linking to the page.
  • Know about the organic keywords the page is ranking in search with volume, traffic, position in search and country.
  • Know how often your competitors are publishing and re-publishing their content.
  • Unlinked mentions tell you which pages reference your brand without linking.
  • Learn which pages are referencing your brand with unlinked mentions. Reach out to them and ask to make it clickable.

Ahrefs Killer Features

  • Easy to learn, use and understand.
  • Fastest backlink crawler in the industry.
  • Get keyword data for 10 search engines including Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Daum, Naver and Seznam.
  • Know the popularity of search queries in other search engines.
  • Outgoing backlinks for a domain.
  • Easily know your broken links.
  • Render JavaScript just like Google.
  • Displays more accurate estimated number of clicks from search results page.
  • Know which keywords get the most clicks in a country for different search engines.
  • Number of different search results pages people click on.
  • Keywords that top ranking pages also rank for.
  • Keywords that get repeat searches.
  • See clicks distribution for individual keywords.
  • Tells you the number of backlinks you will require to rank first on the search results page.
  • Tells you popular content for every topic.
  • See SERP history.
  • Plans start at US $99 and go upto US $999.
  • Support is available via chat and Twitter.
  1. SEO Toolkit
  2. Content Marketing Toolkit
  3. Competitive Research Toolkit
  4. Advertising Toolkit
  5. Social Media Toolkit


SEMRush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform which offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research to increase online visibility of your brand.

Let’s get into details of each tool.

SEO Toolkit

Includes everything you need to build online visibility.

SEO Toolkit consist of following tools.

  1. Domain Overview
    • Get 360 degree insights for any domain, including desktop and mobile performance.
    • Volume includes only organic and paid search traffic based on keyword positions.
  2. On Page SEO Checker
    • Gives you ideas to improve your article for better ranking.
  3. Log File Analyzer
    • Helps you understand access logs better with charts and graphs.
  4. Keyword Overview
    • Do in depth keyword analysis.
    • See all details in a single table including volume trend, CPC, keyword variations, popular questions and advertising trends.
  5. Organic Research
    • Know your top competitors in Google Search.
    • Learn what strategies they deploy.
    • Know if they appear in SERP features.
  6. Keyword Magic Tool
    • Get keyword suggestions from the biggest database in the market for SEO and PPC.
    • Discover longtail keywords.
    • Popular questions surrounding keywords.
    • See important metrics and SERP features for each keyword.
    • You can create a list and place important keywords.
  7. Keyword Gap Analysis
    • Know keywords that are targeted by your competitors but not you.
    • Let’s you compare your keywords with your top 5 competitors.
  8. Keyword Manager
    • Helps you collect and analyze up to 1,000 keywords that too in real-time.
  9. Organic Traffic Insights
    • Helps you discover “not provided” keywords driving traffic to your site.
  10. Backlink Audit Tool
    • See your complete backlink profile.
    • Get rid of toxic backlinks that hurt your search rankings.
  11. Backlink Analytics
    • See in-depth analysis of backlinks, yours as well as competitors.
    • See new and lost backlinks.
    • Find link building opportunities from your competitors backlinks.
  12. Backlink Gap
    • Reveals you untapped backlinks opportunities.
    • Plus you can compare upto 5 domains at a time.
  13. Bulk Backlink Analysis
    • Helps you analyze and compare backlink profiles of up to 200 websites in one place.
  14. Link Building Tool
    • Discover high quality backlinks in your niche.
    • Plan outreach campaign and acquire new links with built in email functionality.
  15. Listing Management
    • Helps you manage and distribute your local business information from one place.
  16. Position Tracking
    • Helps you monitor your rankings daily and alerts for any fluctuations.
    • Also see local level volume data.
    • Useful for SEO specialists.
  17. Sensor
    • Helps you track SERP volatility across countries and niches.
    • Get notifications for any changes.
  18. Ranks
    • Helps you measure online presence of your competitors.
  19. Charts
    • Helps you visualize your key data.
  20. My Reports
    • Create, customize and schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) PDF reports.
    • Start from scratch or use ready made templates.

Content Marketing Toolkit

A place to create content that drives results.

Benefits of Content Marketing Toolkit

  • Research topics to write about.
  • Schedule your editorial and publishing plan.
  • Get ideas to write your article.
  • Optimize your article to make it SEO friendly.
  • Analyze mentions and find opportunities to distribute content.
  • Measure the impact of your article.
  • Revise and repeat above process every few months.

Content Marketing Toolkit consist of following tools.

  1. Topic Research
    • Get ideas that drive traffic including headlines and popular questions with the audience in a particular country, city or region.
  2. Marketing Calendar
    • Helps you plan and track your marketing and editorial tasks.
    • Add activities, set deadlines, receive notifications and collaborate with your team members.
  3. SEO Content Template
    • Provides recommendations for your chosen keywords based on top 10 ranking articles in Google Search to create SEO optimized content.
  4. SEO Writing Assistant
    • Tells you about SEO friendliness, number of words, reading time, originality, readability and voice tone of your content.
    • You get add-ons for Google Docs and WordPress.
  5. Brand Monitoring
    • Helps you track brand mentions and analyze sentiment.
    • Find new channels to distribute your content and improve your PR.
    • Compare your brand with your competitors.
    • Get valuable customer insights.
  6. Post Tracking
    • Helps you evaluate impact of an article based on backlinks, keyword rankings and social engagement.
  7. Content Audit
    • Helps you analyze, revise and improve your content with real time metrics from SEMRush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  8. Content Marketplace
    • Get your article written by professional writers.

Advertising Toolkit

Helps you plan, analyze and improve your Google Ads campaigns to outsmart your competitors.

Advertising Toolkit consist of following tools.

  1. PPC Keyword Tool
    • Helps you compile a perfect keyword list for your Google Ads campaign.
  2. CPC Map
    • Helps you identify most promising regions for digital advertising.
  3. Display Advertising
    • Learn about banner and text ads used by your competitors.
    • See ads based on country, device and period.
    • Which ads are most popular?
    • You can export these ads to import in your Google Ads account.
  4. Advertising Research
    • Know your Ad competitors, their strategies and keywords they bid for on desktop and mobile.
    • See trends for Google and Bing Ads.
    • See live ads.
  5. Ad Builder
    • A tool that will help you boost your ad campaign.
    • See your competitors ads.
    • Use those ideas as templates to create your own ads.
    • Import or write ads that convert.
    • Export these ads into your Google Ads account.
  6. PLA Research
    • Using competitive intelligence, create perfect PLAs to dominate Google Shopping.
    • See PLAs for every keyword.
    • Know product title and price of PLAs.
    • Know the number of search queries that trigger your competitors PLAs to appear.
    • Know common PLAs between you and your competitors.

Social Media Toolkit

A single place to manage and track all your social media profiles and create ads.

  • Schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business.
  • Know the best time to post your content for better reach.
  • Import posts from CSV files.
  • Add UTM tags for tracking.
  • Link shortner.
  • Know age, country, language and interaction time of your audience with analytics.
  • Track, learn and compare with your competitors.
  • Get weekly updates by email.
  • Create PDF reports.
  • Create ads.

Competitive Research Toolkit

Get complete overview of any market including current as well as rising consumer trends.

Competitive Research Toolkit consist of following tools.

  1. Traffic Analytics
    • Helps to analyze a competitors traffic in detail.
    • Includes traffic data from all sources like direct, referral, search, social and paid.
    • Compare websites side by side.
    • Analyze upto 200 domains at once.
    • Know traffic metrics.
    • Desktop vs mobile traffic.
    • Audience insights.
    • Know sources and destination of traffic.
    • Know about top pages.
    • Know Geo distribution of your competitors traffic.
    • Export stats.
  2. Market Explorer
    • Helps you analyze competitive landscape of any given market.
    • Just enter one domain to see complete competitive metrics.
    • Compare a domain vs market.
    • Learn about the top players, their market shares and growth rate.
    • Analyze different markets or niche.
    • Know about seasonal trends.
    • Learn about traffic generation strategies.

SEMRush Killer Features

  • More comprehensive than any other tool in the market.
  • Need to click and dig to get the data you are looking for.
  • Focuses only on Google Search.
  • Has more accurate search volume data and updates it on a monthly basis.
  • Has a more accurate position tracking tool to monitor rankings daily and alerts for any fluctuations.
  • Has the largest keyword database in the market for Google Search with 20 billion keywords.
  • Historical search volume for keywords is available since January 2012.
  • Create and schedule PDF reports.
  • You can also send Branded and White Label reports to your clients.
  • Tells you about toxic links affecting your search rankings so that you can remove them.
  • Contact site owners directly from SEMRush dashboard for getting backlinks.
  • SEO Writing Assistant tells you about SEO friendliness, number of words, reading time, originality, readability and voice tone of your content.
  • SEO Content template gives you ideas to create SEO friendly articles.
  • Brand Monitoring helps you track mentions and analyze sentiments.
  • Know backlinks, keyword rankings and social shares for any URL with Post Tracking.
  • Analyze a domains content metrics in one table with Content Audit.
  • Schedule posts on social media.
  • Collaborate with your team members.
  • Learn about competitors advertising activities.
  • Learn about your biggest competitors in Google Shopping.
  • Get your content written by SEMRush experts.
  • Plans start at US $99.95 and go upto US $399.95
  • Enterprise plans are available upon request.
  • Support is available through phone, chat and email.

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Choose SEO tools according to your need.

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Wishing you great success with SEO tools.

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