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Servebolt Managed Cloud Hosting Review

Servebolt Managed Cloud Hosting
Servebolt Managed Cloud Hosting Review

CMS Supported by Servebolt

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • X-Cart
  • Pimcore
  • Craft CMS
  • PrestaShop
  • Laravel

What is Servebolt

Servebolt is a multi-location managed cloud hosting company.

Servebolt owns, operates and maintains all the hardware.

Hosting your site with Servebolt is like renting a floor in a skyscraper, with the possibility to host a party in the whole building if need be.

Each website on Servebolt is powered by a Bolt™️.

What are Bolts

A Bolt is a container which hosts your websites. It defines the technical environment, settings and storage.

Apart from websites, Bolts also contains blazing fast databases, built-in support for Git, SSH, SFTP, SSL certificates, and command-line tools.

Bolts are secured with backups.

All Bolts can be managed through admin panel.

Servebolt Cloud Locations

  • New York
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore
  • Johannesburg
  • Oslo

Servebolt Stack

  • Servebolt Linux
  • Apache
  • Nginx as a reverse proxy
  • MariaDB

Servebolt Hosting Features

  • Full Page cache.
  • Load balancing.
  • Optimized PHP.
  • Command line tool for Magento.
  • Command line tool drush for Drupal.
  • Domain redirects in admin panel.
  • Free development domains for testing.
  • Staging.
  • Built-in Cloudflare integration.
  • Access management for teams.
  • MariaDB as the database.
  • HTTP/2.
  • GZip compression.
  • Git integration.
  • WordPress multi-site.
  • Server CRON.
  • Argo Smart Routing if you activate Cloudflare Business.

Servebolt Hosting Pros

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free migrations.
  • Server based caching.
  • Custom admin control panel.
  • No need for Redis or Memcached.
  • PHP opcache enabled by default for all.
  • Choose your PHP version.
  • Daily off-site backups.
  • Backups are retained for a period of 30 days.
  • Backups also contain two weekly snapshots.
  • Create on-demand manual backups.
  • Custom Linux stack.
  • All bolts come preinstalled with WP CLI.
  • Full Page Cache powered by nginx.
  • Supports .htaccess.
  • Easily duplicate site data for development or staging.
  • Servebolt is a Cloudflare Enterprise Partner and a re-seller.
  • Get Argo Smart Routing and Tired Caching for free when you signup for Cloudflare Business plan through Servebolt.

Servebolt Hosting Cons

  • Need to manually install WordPress.

Who Should Host with Servebolt

  • Multi-location sites.
  • Cloudflare for full site delivery.
  • Enterprise WordPress Hosting.
  • High traffic sites.
  • E-commerce sites.

Servebolt Pricing

  • Plans start at €59 and go upto €1250 per month.
  • Cloudflare costs extra.
  • Custom pricing also available.

Have hosted with Servebolt in the past.

Moral of the Story

Servebolt is a multi-location managed cloud hosting for owners who want full site delivery by Cloudflare.

*Bolts are registered trade mark of Servebolt.

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