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How to Manage All Your Apps and Accounts From A Single Place

Shift allows you to manage all your apps and accounts from a single place
Shift allows you to manage all your apps and accounts from a single place
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Are you tired of switching accounts?

Are you fed up of logging in and out of accounts?

Do you want to access different accounts from the same provider?

Do you want to consolidate and access all your apps from a single place?

Due you want to easily manage multiple email accounts from a single app?

Do you want to search across all your apps and accounts?

If you are looking for answers to above questions then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat your back.

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You are a Genius!

Now, lets get back to your article on How to Manage All Your Apps and Accounts From A Single Place.

You can easily manage all your accounts with the help of Shift.

What is Shift?

Shift is a desktop app which allows you to access all your apps, accounts and workflows from within a single app.

With Shift you can create different compartments to group similar apps.

You can manage everything easily and beautifully with Shift.

What Type of Apps and Accounts You Can Manage with Shift?

  • Collaboration
  • Email Accounts
  • Social Networks
  • Productivity Apps
  • Project Management Software
  • File Sharing
  • Office Suite
  • Team Chat
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Content Creation and Publishing
  • Customer Support
  • Health and Fitness
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Password Managers

Top Features of Shift

  1. Access all your Google services from 1-Click
  2. Add your favorite Chrome extensions
  3. Easily switch between apps
  4. Shift provides you keyboard shortcuts to work faster
  5. Unified Search
  6. Create and share workspace with team members
  7. Notifications

1. Access all Google Services with 1-Click

Access all Google Services like drive, hangouts, keep, photos, YouTube, analytics, docs, sheets, AdSense with 1-Click
Access all Google Services with 1-Click

Shift provides you easy 1-Click access to common Google services like Drive, Analytics, AdSense, Hangouts, YouTube, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos and Keep.

2. Connect different Apps/Accounts

Shift allows you to connect different apps and accounts for easy access from single location.
Connect different Apps/Accounts to Access from Single Location

Connect your most used apps from Twitter to Slack for easy access.

3. Add your favorite Chrome Extensions

Install your favorite Chrome extensions to Shift
Add Your Favorite Chrome Extensions

4. Search across all Your Accounts and Apps with Unified Search

Shift allows you to search across all your connected apps and accounts with Unified Search.
Unified Search

Shift allows you to search across all your connect apps and accounts with Unified Search.

5. Custom Notifications

Mute Notifications

With Shift, you will no longer miss important updates.

You can customize notifications according to your needs.

6. Workspaces

Create a workspace and invite your team members to join for easy collaboration.

Workspace helps your easily share information and resources with your team and get feedback.

Workspaces you create can be shared with others or kept private.

Workspaces can be created for permanent or temporary use.

Only add the most critical apps to each Workspace for focus and improved productivity of your team.

Workspace allows to choose which users can edit, view and delete Workspaces.

Different ways to organize Workspaces

  • By function like social media, task management, etc…
  • By client.
  • By project.
  • By department.
  • By frequency.

What are the Pros of using Shift?

  • Shift is actively developed meaning new features are added and improved.
  • Access your accounts in a simple, clean and user friendly interface.
  • Helps to improve your focus and productivity.
  • No need to open multiple browser tabs.
  • No need to log in and out of your accounts.
  • Shift shaves you precious time by storing your passwords in a secure vault.
  • Shift improves your productivity.

What are the Cons of using Shift?

  • Would be great if Shift had mobile apps.
  • Sometimes does not work smoothly.
  • Shift is not light on system resources.
  • Does not work as fast as apps opened in the web browser.

Does Shift Offer Discounts


Shift provides 30% discount to non-profit organizations and 100% for promoting antiracism and gender equality.

How much does Shift Cost?

Shift offers 3 types of plans.

  1. Basic
    • Add upto 2 accounts and 1 app.
    • Shift branding.
    • This is a free plan.
  2. Advanced
    • Add unlimited accounts and apps.
    • Mute notifications if you want.
    • Add Google services.
    • Chrome extensions.
    • Unified Search.
    • Costs US $119/year.
  3. Teams
    • All features from Advanced plan.
    • Consolidated billing.
    • Team management dashboard.
    • Costs US $119/user/year.

Shared workspaces, cross-platform support, desktop notifications are available on all plans.

You can signup with Shift without requiring a credit card.

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