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Shifter Managed Static WordPress Hosting Review

Shifter Managed WordPress Hosting
Shifter Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Shifter

Shifter is a Managed Serverless Static WordPress Hosting company.

Shifter provides software-as-a-service hosting solution.

Using Shifter for my static sites.

Shifter WordPress Hosting Features

  • 1-click install.
  • HTTPS enabled.
  • HTTP/2 enabled.
  • IPv6 enabled.
  • Static site generator.
  • Amazon Cloudfront CDN included.
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services.
  • Amazon S3 Storage included.
  • Backups included.
  • Supports JavaScript based forms.
  • Supports virtual robots.txt, and xml sitemaps.
  • Supports search through WP Serverless Search plugin.
  • Supports JavaScript based comments system (Facebook and Disqus).

Shifter WordPress Hosting Pros

  • Install themes from Github from within WordPress dashboard.
  • Worry least about WordPress Security.
  • Zero downtime as there is no active server.
  • Zero database connection errors.
  • No need of security plugins.
  • Restore site from previous backups.
  • Auto scaling digests traffic spikes easily.
  • Almost zero maintenance.
  • Activate WordPress backend only when editing is required.
  • Fast WordPress sites.
  • No plugin vulnerabilities.
  • No hacking.
  • Backend powered by h2o server.
  • PHP version 7.x
  • MySQL (Amazon Aurora).
  • Download static site.
  • Protects Layer 3 and 4 DDoS attacks with Amazon Shield Standard.
  • You can also deploy static sites with sub-directory structure.
  • You can also activate PWA for your site.

Shifter WordPress Hosting Cons

  • No staging sites. Workaround, create another site to use for testing.
  • Does not support wp-cron.
  • Does not support htaccess. Workaround, use Redirection Plugin for redirects.
  • WooCommerce is not supported. Workaround, use eCommerce-as-a-service like PayPal, Stripe, etc…

Shifter WordPress Hosting Price

Shifter plan are very reasonable, and competitive.

$48 plan provide s 1 TB CDN bandwidth.

Similar 1 TB bandwidth from Amazon Cloudfront will cost you minimum $90.

Shifter WordPress Hosting Discount Coupon

There is no need for any coupon. Annual Plans provide significant discounts.

Who Should Host with Shifter

  • All those who have Static WordPress sites.
  • And want their site to be powered by Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

Moral of the Story

Shifter is a fast, secure Managed WordPress Hosting for static sites powered by Amazon Cloud.

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