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Tips for Faster Loading WordPress Sites

speed up WordPress site
Tips to speedup WordPress site

Benefits of Faster Loading WordPress Sites

  • Rank higher in search engines.
  • Increase page views.
  • Reduce bound rate.
  • And ultimately improve visitors experience.

Tips to Speed Up WordPress Sites

  • Use anycast global DNS.
  • Host your site with a well reputed Managed WordPress Hosting company.
  • Enable HTTP/2 or HTTP/3.
  • Enable TLS 1.3 with 0RTT.
  • Reduce server response time.
  • Try to avoid redirects as much as possible. If required, serve redirects through Server instead of WordPress.
  • Enable gzip or brotli compression.
  • Always keep WordPress updated along with plugins and themes.
  • Upgrade to latest version of PHP.
  • Use a theme which is lightweight, fast, and responsive.
  • Reduce DNS lookups.
  • Try to reduce database calls.
  • Limit post revisions.
  • Use least number of plugins as much as possible.
  • Make sure to clean up, and optimize database regularly.
  • Make least number of HTTP requests as much as possible.
  • Add dns-prefetch, and preconnect links in document head.
  • Make sure you serve minified (html, css, and javascript) files.
  • Remove all non required junk css, js, and font files.
  • Avoid using @import.
  • Eliminate render blocking JavaScript in above the fold content.
  • Enable async and or defer for JavaScript files for parallel downloading.
  • Optimize images.
  • Serve images in Next-Generation formats.
  • Deliver images through CDN like Cloudinary.
  • Lazy load your images.
  • Activate Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve pages closer to your visitors.
  • If you like to Super Charge and Speed Up Your WordPress, then contact me.

Scalability always improves Speed, but Speed does not provide Scalability.

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