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Managed Static WordPress Hosts

Managed Static WordPress Hosts

static WordPress hosts
Static WordPress Hosts

What Does Static WordPress Hosts Do

They serve static assets (html, css, js, images) of your site, deliver through CDN without any server side logic.

Benefits of Managed Static WordPress Hosts

  • No database queries or PHP processing to slow down your site.
  • No need to install any security or caching plugins.
  • No worries about WordPress Security as your site runs in an isolated secure containerized environment which is switched off when not in use.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Save time on site maintenance.
  • No need to rush to update WordPress in hurry.

Common Features of Managed WordPress Static Hosts

  • HTTP/2 enabled.
  • Activate WordPress backend only when required.
  • Staging.
  • Search for static sites.


  • Powered by Amazon Cloud.
  • Includes CDN.
  • Backups are stored for 1 year on all plans.
  • Download your static sites to host somewhere else.
  • SFTP access.
  • Database access.
  • Plans start at EURO 5/month.


  • Powered by Amazon Cloud.
  • CDN only for media files.
  • Secure token-based login to WordPress backend.
  • View PHP error logs.
  • Auto scaling.
  • See bandwidth comsumption.
  • Add team members.
  • IPv6 enabled.
  • Site-wide password Protection using basic auth.
  • Safe Mode to troubleshoot faster.
  • Automated backups.
  • Download backups.
  • Scheduled deploys.
  • Rollback published site.
  • Plans start at USD 16/month.


  • Powered by Amazon Cloud.
  • Integrated Amazon Cloudfront CDN.
  • Full site CDN (HTML, JS, CSS, images, video).
  • Built-in DDoS protection.
  • IPv6 enabled.
  • Supports PWA for speed.
  • Turn off non-critical content types to generate static sites faster.
  • Quick publish.
  • Add team members.
  • SFTP access.
  • Database access.
  • Supports password protected pages.
  • Schedule posts.
  • Automated daily backups stored for 30 days. On-demand backups also available.
  • Plans start at USD 45/month.

Who Should Go With Static WordPress Hosts

All those who don’t want their pages to interact with the WordPress backend.

Moral of the Story

  • HardyPress – Amazon Cloud with Custom Cache Control Headers.
  • Shifter – Amazon Cloud with Webhooks and Authentication.
  • Strattic – Amazon Cloud with Quick Publish.
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