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Strattic Managed Static WordPress Hosting Review

strattic static wordpress hosting
Strattic Managed Hosting Review

What is Strattic

Strattic is a managed WordPress host powered by Amazon Cloud.

Strattic WordPress Hosting Features

  • It is Serverless as there is no backend.
  • HTTP/2 enabled.
  • HTTPS enabled.
  • Built-in DDoS protection.
  • Static site generation.
  • IPv6 enabled.
  • Staging.

Strattic WordPress Hosting Pros

  • Powered by Amazon Cloud.
  • Integrated Amazon Cloudfront CDN for speed.
  • Full site CDN (HTML, JS, CSS, images, video).
  • Worry least about WordPress Security.
  • No need to install any security, caching, or backup plugins.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Save time on site maintenance.
  • Activate WordPress backend only when required.
  • HSTS enabled by default.
  • Access files on server with SFTP.
  • Login to MySQL database.
  • Add Discus, Facebook, or IntenseDebate comments.
  • Add Gumroad, snipcart, or ecwid for ecommerce.
  • Supports online event registratin and ticketing with Eventsmart WordPress plugin.
  • Supports javascript based forms.
  • Supports infinite scroll through plugins.
  • Supports live chat.
  • Add maps.
  • Add membership.
  • Supports page builders.
  • Supports redirection.
  • Add reviews.
  • Add site search.

Strattic WordPress Hosting Cons

  • Currently in beta.
  • Does not support wp-cron.

Strattic WordPress Hosting Price

  • Plans start at $50 per month which provide 5GB storage, 25,000 pageviews and 25GB CDN bandwidth.
  • 10% discount available for annual plans.

Who Should Host with Strattic

  • All those who want to have fast and secure Static WordPress Sites.

Moral of the Story

Strattic is managed serverless hosting for static WordPress sites.

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