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Teamwork Review : The Best Project Management Software for Service Business in 2022

Teamwork Project Management Software Review
Teamwork Project Management Software Review
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Do you want to analyze data in real-time?

Do you want to deliver projects on time?

Do you want to improve efficiencies across the organization?

Do you want to manage your scattered (remote) team easily?

Is your team suffering from long lead times?

Do you worry about lost sales opportunities?

Do you want to reduce costs?

Do you want to reduce work processes from months to hours?

Are you looking for a single view for project deliveries, timelines and progress?

Do you find it time consuming to get project status update?

Do you want your team members to collaborate more smoothly?

Do you want your team members to complete tasks more quickly?

Are you looking for more visibility and transparency for team members?

Do you want a central location to check status of each project?

Do you want to send daily email reports to team members on what work they should accomplish each day?

Do you want to standardized workflows for repetitive tasks?

Do you want team members to focus more on each project?

Do you want your team members to meet deadlines?

Do you want your team members to know why and when their deadlines have slipped?

Do you want to know what’s impacting your projects?

Are you fed-up of making educated guesses?

Does your team find it difficult to adopt project management software?

Are you looking for smooth onboarding experience for your customers?

Do you want to manage complex projects easily?

Do you want to plan your project backwards?

Are managing projects using email and spreadsheets becoming a nightmare for your team?

Are you looking to unburdened your team members?

Do you want to automate repetitive workflows but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to handle more projects simultaneously but smoothly?

What is the best project management software/app/tool for agencies?

What is the best project management software/app/tool for service business?

What is the best project management software/app/tool for small business?

What is the best project management software/app/tool for freelancers?

If you are looking for answers to above questions then you have come to the right place.

Congrats and pat your back.

You did an excellent job. Keep it up!

You are a Genius!

Now, lets get back to our review of Project Management Software, Teamwork.

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is a powerful project management software that helps you work smarter and do more, without sacrificing any of the quality.

Teamwork is a project management software/app/tool specially created for service oriented businesses.

Teamwork is created by a team which started out as an agency.

So they are well aware of problems faced by agencies.

And that is what Teamwork addresses as well as extends those features.

Teamwork combines enterprise level features with a simplified user interface.

With Teamwork, you can organize projects, manage tasks and get work done faster.

So that you deliver more projects, on time and within budget.

Tops Benefits of using Teamwork

  • Companies have seen 437% return on investment when using Teamwork.
  • Team members have seen their output increase by $461K.
  • Benefits arising from centralized work and collaboration of $132K.
  • Gains from improved visibility and planning of around $100K.
  • Savings due to non-purchase of alternate tools of around $17K.

Above data is a result of a study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Available in the eBook – The Total Economic Impact of Teamwork.

Link to download this eBook is available at the end of the article.

Who is using Teamwork?

20,000+ companies trust Teamwork for project management.

Below are some of companies using Teamwork.

  • PayPal
  • Disney
  • Spotify
  • HP
  • Panasonic

What are the Top Features of Teamwork?

1. Track all your Projects

Create a timeline for your project, split it into tasks and assign them to team members.

Break down the timeline to see the progress and how much time is left.

Keep track of everything, from ideas to finished work.

You can assign multiple owners, attach files, add milestones and set due dates, priorities and recurring tasks.

2. Communicate without barriers

Use Teamwork Chat for instant Collaboration and Communication with your team
Teamwork Chat for Collaboration and Communication
  • Collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world.
  • Use live chat to solve problems faster.
  • Create channels for specific topics.
  • Share documents with your whole team instantly.

3. Focus on the important things

Time logging helps you to keep track of the time you spend on tasks and projects.
Time Logging

See how much time has been spent on each task and estimate how much time each task will take.

So you can always know what’s most important to work on.

This not only helps you plan capacity but also remove bottlenecks and deliver projects on time and within budget.

4. Templates for Project Management

Client Onboarding Template for Project Management to save time
Client Onboarding Template for Project Management

The biggest benefit of using template is that it saves your precious time.

You can automate workflows for repetitive tasks using pre-built templates and triggers.

You can create your own template for re-use or use the ones provided by Teamwork.

Top Pre-built Templates to Make Project Management Easy

  • Product launch template
  • Project management template
  • Public relations planning template
  • Website project planning template
  • Event planning template
  • Marketing campaign template
  • New employee onboarding template
  • Bug tracking template
  • Business goals template
  • Content planning template
  • Software implementation planning template
  • Task management template
  • New client onboarding template
  • Advertising campaign template

5. Add Unlimited Client Users for free

Add Unlimited Client Users to Projects to track real time progress for free
Add Unlimited Client Users to Projects for Free

Give your clients access to your projects without paying any extra fees.

This makes collaboration better and helps your clients see real time progress of projects.

All this creates wonderful experience for your clients which means repeat business for you.

6. Workload

Workload gives you an overview of your teams capacity so you can manage resources effectively.
Overview of Teams Capacity with Workload

Workload gives you an overview of your teams capacity so you can manage resources effectively.

Managing resources effectively means you can deliver projects on time and within budget.

Workload also helps you make informed decisions and re-prioritize work if deadlines change.

7. Project Time Tracking

project time tracking software to manage teams resources efficiently
Project Time Tracking Software

Teamwork also has an inbuilt Project Time Tracking software.

So you know how and where your time is being spent.

Time tracking helps you stay on schedule and deliver projects on time.

Time tracking makes processes transparent, provides greater visibility of teams resources, and makes invoicing and budget management easier.

All of this lead to happier clients.

What are the Pros of Teamwork?

  • You can add unlimited client users to your projects and also save money as you don’t have to buy more seats.
  • Workload gives you a clear picture of your team’s resources. So that you can plan capacity, manage resources effectively, reassign tasks if needed and deliver projects on time and budget.
  • Project time tracking gives you insights into how and where time is being spent along with billable and billed hours.
  • You can keep all your communications in the same place with Teamwork Chat which is provided for free.
  • Choose from among the four views(Table view, Kanban board, Task list or Gantt chart) according to your needs.
  • Manage your projects on the go with the iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Get an overview of upcoming milestones, events, and tasks using the calendar.
  • With privacy settings you can provide granular access to projects to your team members.
  • Easily integrate with 3,000+ apps your team already uses including Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, MS Teams, QuickBooks, HubSpot, etc…

What are the Cons of Teamwork?

  • Not all integrations are available on every plan.
  • Some features like 2FA, project time budget, portfolio, project templates and Workload capabilities are not available on entry level plan.

Who Should Use Teamwork Project Management Software?

  • Marketing agencies
  • Web Development agencies
  • Creative agencies 
  • Professional services
  • Consultancy services
  • Financial services

How much does Teamwork Cost?

Teamwork comes with 3 plans.

  1. Free Plan
    • Max 2 projects and 5 users.
    • comes with basic project and task management, milestones and messages
  2. Deliver
    • Great to start with.
    • Manage multiple projects with ease.
    • Comes with 20 project templates, time tracking, invoicing, unlimited client users, table view and intake forms.
    • Costs US $12.5/user/month.
  3. Grow
    • Best for large teams.
    • Everything in Deliver plan.
    • Plus 50 project templates, custom fields, workload resource management, scheduling, project time budget, utilization reports.
    • Costs US $22.5/user/month.
  4. Scale
    • Best for enterprises.
    • Everything in Grow plan.
    • Plus profitability report, unlimited financial budgets, unlimited projects and templates, and 500GB of storage.
    • Custom pricing.

Some great news for you.

Get 30 days free trial with my link that too without requiring a credit card.

Within minutes of creating an account, you can setup projects, add team members, enter milestones, add tasks and invite clients.

Useful eBooks by Teamwork

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