Who Kills More? Terrorists or Non-Terrorists

Who killed more people? Terrorists or Non-Terrorists

Who is a Terrorist

Just a human being like you and me.

How Does One Become A Terrorist

Some very greedy, overly selfish, and extremely fearful people take advantage of their situation, teach them wrong things about religion, and the rest is fulfilled by the hatred that people like you spread everyday in the world.

Instead of showing the right path and being kind to someone, you choose to hate for no reasons. Bad thoughts part of your bad karma.

If you do such things, you create a terrorist.

One day the same person comes with weapons, kills some and injures many.

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The whole world then goes into a shock and fear mode.

All of a sudden people like you start having sympathy in the heart.

This is the only time when you actually realize becoming Human Being.

Terrorists kill in one shot, while you kill others slowly and steadily everyday with your amazing speech.

Death happens in both the cases.

You should first count what you do. How many murders did you commit till now?

Your words have killed more people than terrorists. Words are surely mightier than weapons.

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Terrorists also do such heinous acts all for money, just like others.

Similarly, there are policemen who register false cases, do fake encounters, or let off rapists and murderers for money.

What would you say about such policemen?

Another example is of businessman who do not pay taxes. This causes less employment to generate which causes people to commit suicide or starved to death.

What do you call such businessman?

One important point to remember is what we see not always the truth. And that is the tragedy of life.

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Doesn’t it justify to have sympathy with terrorists? What’s your opinion? Mention in comments below.


Non Terrorists have killed more people with their dirty words than the actual Terrorists.