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Top 24 Amazing Thoughts on Life, Success and Well Being for 2022

Thoughts of Kunal Desai
Thoughts of Kunal Desai

Want to know some good / nice thoughts?

What are your thoughts on life?

What are your thoughts on friendship?

What are your thoughts on success?

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Random Thoughts on different subjects and objects.

Thoughts on Courage

  • Learn, laugh, and play as long as you live. This will give you courage to face adverse events in life with ease, and move ahead.

Thoughts on Life

  • Everything will fall in place automatically, just make sure you show up everyday.
  • Independent means being least dependent on others.
  • Look inside to know yourself, look outside to know about the world. Then strike a balance between the both.
  • No one is perfect in the world.
  • Information without experience is not of much use.
  • Nobody has all the best things in the world but some may have better than others.
  • Setbacks, failures and rejections are opportunities to rise in life.

Thoughts on Friendship

  • Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Thoughts on Students

  • College students should share their views without being affiliated to any political parties.
  • Most of the college students should not join youth wing of political parties.

Thoughts on Success

  • Success is not an event but always work under progress till you one lives.

Thoughts on Progress

  • What is the value of the progress which comes at the cost of health and relationships?

Thoughts on Responsibility

  • Everything changes except Responsibility.
  • Responsibility never has a holiday.
  • A person who fulfills all responsibilities without being affected by the external environment is called a Saint (Sanyasi).
  • Responsibility can’t be taught. It has to be taken up.
  • Right wrong, good bad, honest corrupt, rich poor, win loss, authority commoner is nothing but noise. What matters is Responsibility, Accountability, Consciousness, and Humanity.

Thoughts on Truth

  • Lies are available freely everywhere, but truth has to be found.

Thoughts on Equality

  • Everyone is equal whether you have all, some, or none of beauty, weapon, authority, money, intelligence, and or contacts.
  • To ensure equality for all, governments can provide freebies or discounts from the bottom of the pyramid to the top by linking it to person’s income tax bracket.

Thoughts on Religion

  • Humanity is the biggest religion in the world.

Thoughts on Charity / Philanthropy

  • The one who gives is never poor.

Thoughts on Food

  • Divine Food = Organic Ingredients + Feelings of Happiness & Love in the Heart + Good Thoughts in the Brain.

Thoughts on Marriage

  • Unification of Soul happens when Body, Mind (thoughts), and Wealth of life partners unite.

Thoughts on Justice

  • Nothing is bigger than Justice, and nothing is valuable without Justice.
  • Justice prevails above all Relations and Promises.
  • Ready to testify as an eyewitness in the court of law for any crime that happens in front of me.

Firmly believe that you enjoyed reading my Thoughts on various subjects.

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