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True Value of Husband and Wife in the Family

Value of Husband and Wife in the Family
Value of Husband and Wife in the Family

Husband’s Contribution to Family

Wife’s Contribution to Family

  • One of the first ones to wake-up in the family.
  • Takes care of family members, their likes, dislikes, needs, etc…
  • Cooks food with lots of love and good thoughts in the mind.
  • Keeps the house clean and decorated.
  • Washes clothes, and makes sure they are ironed well.
  • Manages household expenses within a given budget and also save some for rainy day.
  • Takes care of children, in some cases it requires special attention.

Above points make it clear, that a Wife also contributes significantly for the welfare of the family.

If working, she also takes care of professional responsibilities. In that case the Husband should also take up 50% of household chores.

With some exceptions, most men can’t function without her valuable support and deserve equal respect.

Both should share equal responsibilities with regard to family.

Both should care for each other, respect each other and trust each other.

Both should coordinate and cooperate with each other to run the family.

Imagine life without your life partner.

Moral of the Story

Husband and Wife are equal in the family.

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