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What is Life and Different Parts that Form Life

 What is life? What is Not Life?
What is life? What is not life?

What is life?

What are the different parts that form our life?

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Now lets get back to our article on Life.

To know what is life it is important to know what is not life.

What is Not Life

  • Life is not about comparing people.
  • Life is not spent worrying.
  • Life is not spent hating others.
  • Life is not spent judging others.
  • Life is not some kind of formula.
  • Life is not doing drugs.
  • Life is not spent being insecure.
  • Life is not politics.
  • Life is not about justifying everything.
  • Life is not bribery.
  • Life is not about destroying.
  • Life is not spent copying others.
  • Life is not a competition.
  • Life is not spent running after things.
  • Life is not spent predicting future.
  • Life is not about telling others do this and that.
  • Life is not thinking about this and that.
  • Life is not spent watching computer/mobile/tablet screen.
  • Life is not spent in fear and greed.
  • Life is not generalization.
 Different Parts that form Life
Different Parts that form Life


What is Life

  • Life is a journey.
  • Life is about living.
  • Life is about knowing yourself.
  • Life is a beautiful process of evolution, enjoy it.
  • Life is about participation.
  • Life is about performing karma.
  • Life comprises of Good Karma and Not So Good Karma.
  • Life comprises of series of events.
  • Life is about completeness.
  • Life is work.
  • Life is about moving, no matter what happens or comes our way.
  • Life is spent learning new things.
  • Life is discovering new things.
  • Life is an experience.
  • Life is about travelling.
  • Life is about reading.
  • Life is about taking calculated risks.
  • Life is about seeing beauty in everything.
  • Life is about being healthy.
  • Life is about being stable no matter what situation one faces.
  • Life is about making impossible things possible.
  • Life is about creating.
  • Life is accepting.
  • Life is forgiveness.
  • Life is donating.
  • Life is about change.
  • Life is about opportunities you grab.
  • Life is watching your movie of existence without getting stress.
  • Life is loving and caring.
  • Life is peace and joy.
  • Life is family.
  • Life is friendship.
  • Life is spirituality.
  • Life is hobbies.
  • Life is time management.
  • Life is about making yourself better than before.
  • Life is an exam where everyone gets unique paper.
  • Life is about discipline.
  • Life is about ethics.
  • Life is about values.
  • Money is part of Life.
  • Knowledge is part of Life.
  • Win and loss are part of life.
  • Positive and negative are parts of life.
  • Days and nights are parts of life.
  • Habits (Good Habits and Not So Good habits) are parts of life.
  • True and false are parts of life.
  • Profit and loss are part of life.
  • Question and answer are part of life.
  • Right and wrong are part of life.
  • Price and value are part of life.
  • Being mindful and mindless are part of life.
  • Life is about living and valuing every moment.
  • Life is about making limitations our strength.
  • Life is about doing best in the worst situation.
  • Life is about achieving more from less.
  • Life is about seeing good in others.
  • Life is about being positive, productive and constructive.
  • Life is valuing all that we have and don’t have.
  • Life is sharing with wife.
  • Life is about respecting individual rights.
  • Life is about fulfilling responsibilities.

Sum total of what is and what is not, forms our life.

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