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How to Build High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress

Learn how to build sales funnel in WordPress
Learn how to build sales funnel in WordPress
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What is a sales funnel?

How sales funnels work?

Do sales funnels work?

How to boost sales with sales funnels?

How can I use funnels on my online store?

Are sales funnels complicated to build?

How to measure sales funnels?

What re the different stages of a sales funnel?

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Now let’s get back to our article on building sales funnels in WordPress.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Typical sales funnel flow
Typical sales funnel flow

Image Credits: CartFlows website

A sales funnel is a sequence of steps that a buyer takes to make a purchase.

The primary goal of a sales funnel is to convert leads into buyers.

The conversion of leads into buyers happen through a series of predefined steps.

Sales funnel is also called purchase funnel.

Sales funnels start with lot of leads and end with very few of them converting.

Why is Sales Funnel Important?

As a business owner you know the pain that is felt when you just miss the sale.

The prospect exits the sales funnel without making a purchase after several weeks of demonstrations and presentations, conversation, and charm.

Such things do happen. But if you have the proper sales funnel, it will happen less frequently.

Two things sales funnels tell us about potential customers:

  1. what they think?
  2. how they behave during the buying journey?

With the power of these insights you can create a better sales process to convert more prospects into paying customers.

What are the Different Stages of a Sales Funnel?

Stages of a sales funnel differ from company to company.

Prospects move through several stages of the sales funnel from the time they first learn about your product or service to the time they buy it (or don’t).

There are maximum prospects at the top of sales funnel and least at the bottom.

Usually AIDA model drives a sales funnel which includes four stages.

Four stages of a sales funnel:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

Stage 1: Awareness

In this stage the prospect come to know about your product or service.

Prospects learn through word of mouth, social media, search or advertising.

Stage 2: Interest

As the prospect already know about your brand or product, they enter second stage.

In this stage the prospects wants to learn more about your product or service.

Stage 3: Decision

In this stage the prospect will dig deeper into pricing and available options before taking the decision to buy your product or service.

Stage 4: Action

In this stage, the prospect adds the product to the cart and proceeds to the checkout to buy.

It is possible to add another stage to the sales funnel called Retention.

In the retention stage the focus is to keep the customer and make sure they keep coming back again and again.

What do You Need to Build a Sales Funnel in WordPress?

You’ll need the following to create an efficient sales funnel in WordPress:

  • Web Host: If you are creating an online store, a fast loading website matter a lot. Make sure to host your website with a Managed WordPress Hosting company which can handle sudden traffic spikes like Nexcess.
  • WooCommerce: It is a free plugin which converts your WordPress site into an online store. WooCommerce makes it simple to create and manage an eCommerce store. It has features like inventory, customer engagement, online payments, order tracking, delivery status updates, shipping options, etc… Manage your business from anywhere with WooComerce mobile app.
  • Theme: Speed is an important factor for search engines as well as for conversion. People often abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So choose a faster loading WooCommerce theme.
  • Marketing strategy: You need a strong marketing strategy to build brand awareness and attract prospects into your sales funnel. This can be achieved through pay-per-clicks ads, social media, email campaigns, or search engines, etc…
  • Landing pages: landing pages may be the first thing that a prospect comes into contact. Landing page talks about the company and offering. A landing page should have some call-to-action to capture leads for further communication.
  • Sales funnel plugin: A sales funnel plugin like Cartflows will turn your WordPress website into an optimized selling machine which will increase conversions and maximize profits.
  • Tracking tools: a web analytics software will tell you where the prospects are coming from, where they are going and what they are doing on your site.

How can CartFlows Help You Build High Conversion Sales Funnels?

CartFlows - sales funnel builder for WordPress
CartFlows – sales funnel builder for WordPress

CartFlows is a plugin by Brainstormforce. The same company behind wonderful products like Astra theme, Project Huddle, etc…

CartFlows is a sales funnel builder for WordPress and WooCommerce.

CartFlows helps online stores to increase conversions and maximize profits.

CartFlows turns a WordPress website into an optimized selling machine.

CartFlows also has a paid version of the plugin which offers all functionality.

With CartFlows you can start taking orders in 20 minutes.

CartFlows works with your favorite page builders.

Some of the top features of CartFlows:

  • One Click Upsells: create a series of additional offers after checkout.
  • One Click Order Bumps: add additional offers at checkout page. Conversions are higher by 10-30%.
  • A/B Split Testing: tells you which version of your pages is converting best.
  • Dynamic Offers: setup conditions to display most relevant offers. Increases average order value (AOV).
  • Canvas Mode: makes complex funnels easy to understand. Visualize customer journey from start to end on a single screen. Find and fix leaks.
  • Checkout Takeover: replaces the standard WooCommerce checkout with a totally customisable and conversion-focused CartFlows checkout.
  • Conversion Optimized Templates: create a strong first impression by selecting one of the many high converting templates. Add a professionally crafted, multistep flow with a single mouse click, or build your own.
  • Checkout Layout: replaces your complicated checkout process with an optimized checkout which immediately boosts conversions while lowering cart abandonment.
  • Lead Generation: using the CartFlows Optin feature, you can quickly create high-converting landing pages and expand your email list. Create leads, look after your customers, and boost sales.
  • Pre-Checkout Offer: Pre-Checkout Offer is displayed on the checkout page when the user clicks on the Place Order button.
  • Insights: tells you about total visitors, conversions, conversion rate, average order value, gross sales.
  • Modern Checkout: speeds up the checkout process.

How to Build Sales Funnel in WordPress?

Let’s create a sales funnel with WooCommerce and CartFlows.

Step1: Set Up an Online Store

Once WordPress is up and running, you need to install eCommerce theme.

After your theme is setup, you need to install WooCommerce.

WooCommerce converts a website into an online store.

Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to add store details, shipping options and payment gateway.

As soon as you finish basic setup, start adding products.

You can then connect these products in your sales funnel.

Step 2: Install CartFlows to Create Sales Funnel

CartFlows setup wizard

Image Credits: WPAstra website

Once your online store is setup, it’s time to create sales funnel.

You can install free version of CartFlows plugin.

You can use page builder of your choice or use the default block editor i.e. Gutenberg.

Step 3: Create a Landing Page

Ready made sales funnel templates
Ready made sales funnel templates

Now you need a landing page to display the product.

Landing pages are specialized pages created to drive more conversions.

To create a landing page go to CartFlows -> Flows -> Add New.

Select from ready-made template.

You can customize this template later on if you want.

Select the one that is best for your purpose and click Import.

The template that you select will include a landing page, checkout page and a thank you page.

Edit you landing page and include a clear Call-to-Action (CTA).

Step 4: Create Checkout and Thank You Page

Create checkout and thank you pages just the way you created the landing page.

The only difference here is that you will need to assign products to the checkout page.

The purpose of building the thank you page is to tell the customer that their purchase transaction is complete.

You can use the thank you page to upsell other products.

Step 5: Send Leads to Your Sales Funnel

In this step all you do is connect the dots to create your sales funnel.

By default, CartFlows will lead visitors to pages on your website in the order that was predetermined in the flow editor.

Our above example includes three steps i.e. landing page, checkout page and thank you page.

You can add extra steps to the funnel via Add New Step button.

CartFlows flow editor
CartFlows flow editor

Image Credits: wpastra website

You can then rearrange the steps in the flow editor using drag and drop.

Your sales funnel is now ready to go live.

All you have to do is send leads through your marketing channels to see the magic happen.

Step 6: Enable Tracking

To understand whether your sales funnel is performing, you can add Google Analytics.

To enable tracking on your funnels, go to CartFlow -> Setting -> Select Google Analytics tab.

Then tick mark Enable Google Analytics for CartFlow Pages.

Now enter you Google Analytics id in the input field.

Moral of the Story

Sales funnels are must have for an online stores to increase conversions.

And you can easily create one with the help of CartFlows.

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